Weekend in historical and cultural places of Tatarstan and the Chuvash Republic – Day 1: Day of History and Culture

The trip will begin with a visit to the memorial museum of Konstantin Vasilyev, then visit the museum of historical and cultural heritage of Zelenodolsk, see the sculpture of the Eiffel Tower, get acquainted with the unique Chuvash embroidery, go to the ancient Vvedensky Cathedral and walk along the Volga embankment.
Weekend in historical and cultural places of Tatarstan and the Chuvash Republic
Travel distance by car: 356 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Cheboksary, Kazan’, Zvenigovo, Volzhsk, Zelenodolsk, Vasil'yevo

Trip duration: 1 day

Eugenia Laputina


Gazpromneft filling station #605

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Konstantin Vasilyev Memorial Museum

We will go to the Memorial Museum of Russian artist Konstantin Vasilyev. Here you will learn about the artist, his family life, visit the reconstructed interiors, as well as visit the exhibition, which presents the biographical and creative heritage of the artist. Weekend: Sunday and Monday.

Zelenodolsk Museum of Historical and Cultural Heritage

In Zelenodolsk we will visit the historical museum. The museum has 5 halls. Here you will get acquainted with the history of the city, see a lot of memorable and antique items, documents of the Great Patriotic War, personal belongings of war participants and many other interesting things! Weekend: Sunday and Monday.

Кафе Ника


We'll make a lunch stop at the cafe. The menu includes snacks, salads, first and second courses, pastries. Rest and enjoy the dishes!

Эйфелева башня / Tour Eiffel

Monuments / Landmarks

Let's go take pictures at the Eiffel Tower! Yeah, yeah, you don't have to fly to Paris for that. The size of a local landmark, of course, is inferior to the original, but a good photographer will not be difficult to find the right angle and surprise to impress familiar with unusual pictures.

Музей Чувашской Вышивки


In Cheboksary we will visit the museum of Chuvash embroidery. You will learn the history of this craft, from the XVIII century to the XX century inclusive: shirts, shawls, dresses, embroidered map of the Chuvash ASSR and much more. The museum also has an exposition devoted to the activity of the People's Artist of the Czechoslovakia E.I. Efremova, who devoted her life to the Chuvash embroidery. Weekend: Monday and Sunday.

Введенский кафедральный собор


We will visit the ancient temple of XVII century, which is a monument of federal importance. The most famous icons of the temple are: The Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God, painted in the 16th century, The Image of Our Lady of Smolensk, The Image of the Saint Wonderworkers of Kazan Gury, Varsanofia and Herman. Let's go inside, admire the frescoes and the old iconostasis and feel the atmosphere of peace and tranquility!

Набережная Волги

Other Great Outdoors

Before the road we'll walk a little along the Volga river embankment. We'll get some fresh air and enjoy the expanses of the great river.

Modernissimo (Модерниссимо)

Pizza Places

Our journey is coming to an end. We'll stop for dinner at the pizza place. In addition to a wide selection of pizzas, the menu also includes rolls, hot rolls, roasted rolls, WOK noodles, Japanese pilaf tahan, puffs with various fillings.