We're exploring caves and pictorial escapes. Drive from Nizhny Novgorod. – Day 1: Terrasky Park. Abandoned manor house.

Your day will begin on the ski slope. Enjoy the fresh air, white snow and vivid emotions. In the afternoon visit the picturesque deserted Orlov-Davydov estate. It's a great place to take beautiful pictures.
We're exploring caves and pictorial escapes. Drive from Nizhny Novgorod.
Travel distance by car: 197 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Arzamas, Leninskaya Sloboda, Novyye Berezniki, Vad, Kstovo, Simbiley, Nizhny Novgorod, Podvalikha

Trip duration: 2 days

Sati Sarkisyan

Nizhny Novgorod

Gazpromneft filling station #232

Let's hit the road! To feel more confident on the road, come to the filling station "Gazpromneft" - refuel with quality fuel to full, inflate the tires, fill the washbasin and take coffee with healthy snacks! Cool emotions from the trip!

Terrasky Park

In the park, terraces go skiing, snowboarding, tube skiing and even dog sledding. The total length of the ski slopes is 4.6 kilometers. The equipment can be rented. The park is open from Sunday to Thursday from 10 to 20 and on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 to midnight. You can find information on the cost of services and the scheme of the park at [website](http://www.terraskipark.ru/slope-map/).

La Vero

Pizza Places

Lunch at a cozy pizzeria in Cstovo. After active skiing, hot pizza will be very handy.

Yasnaya Polyana

Orlov Manor in Simbilei village

Picturesque mansion of the XIX century. There are 9 original buildings preserved here. Be sure to go inside, climb the remaining steps upstairs, admire the majestic vaults and take many impressive pictures.

Clean Ponds" fishing base

Let's go to the fishing base and try some fishing. Maybe we'll get lucky and catch some heavy carp. It is better to book fishing in advance via the phones indicated on [site](https://www.karp-nn.ru/o-klube/news/akciya-rybalka-po-edinoj-cene.html).


Dine at one of the best restaurants in the area. A varied menu of European dishes, as well as a good wine list.

Yasnaya Polyana

Look at the beautiful place you'll be sleeping. The woods, the fresh air is what you need to relax.