Ural Adventure – Day 2: Ural landscapes

An active day outdoors awaits you. As you won't have a place to stop for lunch, I suggest you bring lunch boxes, you can order them at the hotel or just pick up some sandwiches. There are about 17 km of hiking in total and the most beautiful views of the Ural Mountains waiting for you. You can finish your day in a deserved hot Russian bath.
Ural Adventure
Travel distance by car: 459 km.Travel distance on foot: 5 km.Visiting: Tikhaya, Kiselevskiy, Chesnokovka, Verkhnyaya Manyava, Kataskin, Asha

Trip duration: 3 days

Anna Semochkina

Guest House El

Make yourself breakfast and go on your way.

"Shurale's teeth."

Dress warmer, you'll be hiking to an exciting place. The length of the route will be 7 km back and forth, but you will see the most beautiful landscapes and climb to one of the highest points of the South Urals. Drive past the village of Inzer to the village of Revet, where the central manor of the South Ural State Nature Reserve is located, almost reaching the manor, turn right, into the driveway under the railway bridge. Along the railroad tracks we drive to the next bridge over Maly Inzer, near which there will be a ford, and a couple of kilometers from it Kataskin farm. If the weather is good, you can drive a little further and walk a little bit less. In spring the road is not very passable due to floods and you will have to take the train from Inzer village. In winter there are no problems, but in any case, experienced drivers recommend having an off-road vehicle for a trip to the mountains.

Ufa Mountain

From the top you should admire the majestic ridges of the Ural Mountains.

Inzer Teeth

Visit the "pearl" of Bashkortostan. The place is rightly considered one of the most beautiful in the Urals. The rocks from the river Inzer rise like teeth here. Their maximum height reaches 1161 meters. Local travel companies organize cross-country tours here all year round. It is also possible to get here without an all-terrain vehicle, but the way back and forth will take about 10 km on foot. It'll be dark on the way back, so bring a flashlight. In winter, the road is prepared by bulldozers, as it is actively used to remove wood. You can drive on it to Misselia or a little further and a little closer to the Mountain Circus. The car will have to be left, like the locals do, in the woods by the road.

Rocky cirque

The mountain circus is the most beautiful viewpoint here. Be sure to come here, believe me you will have a lot of vivid impressions and beautiful pictures to remember.

Cafe Caravan

Dinner in a cozy cafe, given that you had dinner outdoors, should be nice.

Alpine Ski Complex Adzhigardak

You've done such a wonderful hiking trip. Now you deserve a real Russian bath, if you have the strength left, which should be ordered in advance. [Booking link](http://adzhigardak.ru/категории/услуги/банный-комплекс) There is also a hotel complex, where I recommend to stay overnight, see the rooms and book on [site](http://adzhigardak.ru/гостиница).