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Unusual sights south of Moscow: quarries, Slavic temples, ancient Chinese city

Road Trip Route. Climb the biggest shoe in the world, Hang out next to a former barn in a trendy art space., Go down to the dungeon and have candlelight dinner at the grotto., Feed the bison, To be in Ancient China without foreign passports and visas, See the oldest aqueduct in Russia, Wander the pagan treasure trove, Try not to litter at the Trash Museum., .

The soul demands adventure, and the eyes are curious. You don't have to fly to the edge of the world: there are so many curious places around Moscow that you just marvel! The trip will be varied - take worse clothes (spoiler: there will be a trip to the abandoned quarries) and better clothes (for elegant restaurants). Most of the attractions are available all year round, but the brightest emotions you will experience if you go on a trip in the warm season.

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Marina Selivanova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The biggest shoe, a bison house and fun on an abandoned farm.

On the first day we will visit several curious places near Moscow: the creative park "Space of Love" in Domodedovo, a bison nursery and an art space on the site of an abandoned farm. We will have dinner and spend the night in Tula.

Парк Сказок Башмака

The first stop of our journey will be "The Space of Love" (or "The Space of Children's Dreams") - a park in Domodedovo, included in the Russian Book of Records. Here absolutely everything is fabulous - art objects, museums and even hotel rooms. The area of the complex is 3 hectares. About 5 thousand unusual sculptures are collected on them. Of these, 200 are dedicated to the heroes of folk tales, but the undoubted star is the world's largest building in the form of a shoe. And also in the park you can get a certificate of a wizard. Just do not specify it in your resume! *The schedule and cost of master classes and excursions should be clarified [on the park's website](https://prolove.pro/).

Зубровый питомник

Another unusual place in the Moscow region is the bison and bison nursery. Animals live here in conditions as close to natural as possible. *Tours are from Monday to Friday at 11:00; 13:00 and 15:00. On weekends and holidays the group is formed every hour from 09:00 to 16:00. For more information, please call 8 (4967) 707-145*.

Калачная «Марк и Лев»

If you've never been to a gym, it's time to fix it. The menu at Mark & Lion is based on specialty wholemeal kalachas with the most unexpected fillings, such as duck stew or catfish. Besides kalachas, the cafe serves soups, dumplings and dumplings. The owners assure them that the food is supplied exclusively by local farmers. We are happy to believe it!


Melnica Space" complex appeared on the place of closed creative art space "Archfarm". Even before there was a real farm with cowsheds, barns and silo towers. In "Melnica Space" large scale graffiti is adjacent to unusual art objects, all in the middle of endless fields on the river bank. The place is unique and incredibly soulful.

Пётр Петрович

On the agenda of the evening - a delicious dinner at the Tula restaurant "Peter Petrovich". The institution was named after Dr. Belousov, on whose initiative at the end of the XIX century on the site of the dump was laid out a picturesque park (where the restaurant is located). There is a brewery on the ground floor of the building. By the way, the first one in Tula: it has been working since 2011 and brews 5 classic beers. The menu is varied - steaks, soups, grilled meat, ice cream of own production. For a company of 2-4 people you can take a duck with baked potatoes or catfish with vegetable salad.

Day 2: Mysterious quarries and a corner of China in Tula region

Tula is generous with sights, samovars and gingerbread. But we've seen and tried it all before. It's time for an alternative adventure: go to the abandoned quarries! Guryevskie caves (or Byaki) are abandoned adits of XV-XVI centuries, where limestone used to be mined. Get ready to spend 4-6 hours underground: the tunnels have no end and no edge. When we get to the surface, we change our clothes and meet the Celestial Empire in the complex "Golden City" with beautiful pagodas, lanterns and openwork bridges. In the evening we will return to Tula for a delicious dinner at the Ginza Project restaurant and sleep after a busy day.

заброшенный дворец Фон Мекка

Not far from the abandoned estate of the philanthropist Maximilian Karlovich von Meck (1869-1950) there are the Guryevskie caves. They are three separate systems with a total length of about 50 km. All year round the temperature in the caves is only +8°C. A visit to the quarries will bring a lot of bright impressions to an unsophisticated person. In addition to the magic of the dungeon, the corridors have their own remarkable places, such as a kind of museum and "kamikaze forest". Independently visiting the caves (coordinates 54°23'53. 38°11'57) is not recommended: you can easily get lost in endless walks. Experienced guides will help - you can find the guides' contacts, for example [here](https://vk.com/podzemnye_byaki). ** What do you need to take with you:** - flashlights; - a helmet or a tight hat; - gloves and knees; - good water supply. The caves are wet and dirty, some of them will have to crawl somewhere. Choose your clothes wisely - they should be as comfortable, warm and not too dressy as possible. We will have lunch right in the cave - in the underground cave, by candlelight. Some excursions include lunch, in other cases you should take food with you.

Zolotoj Gorod

After the quarries we go to "Golden City" - an unusual tourist complex, made in the traditional oriental style. Everything here is imbued with the spirit of Ming China - bent roofs of pagodas (by the way, made without a single nail), house for tea ceremonies, bridges, Buddhist temple. Most materials - marble and natural stones - are brought from the Celestial Empire itself. Entrance to the territory costs 300 rubles on weekdays and 500-1000 rubles at weekends. In addition to walks, you can play football or badminton, go horseback riding, visit a kartodrome or Indian SPA (which may be better after 6 hours in the dungeon!). * You can specify the information [on the site of the copmix](http://www.zolotoygorod.com/) *.

Пряности & Радости

You can discuss the day's events during dinner at Spices&Joy restaurant. The facility can be praised not only for its wonderful views of the Upa River. Beautiful interior, excellent menu with Georgian specialists and the main hits of European cuisine - these are its main advantages.

Day 3: Tula mountains, Kaluga aqueducts, pagan temples and garbage museum

On the third day you will have time to visit the Tula "mountains", see the oldest viaduct in Russia and a pagan temple. The cherry on the cake is a museum of garbage, the only and unique. To get up early, you'll have to get up early - I recommend leaving Tula at 8 am.

Большой Карьер

Suvorov quarries are one of the most picturesque places in Tula region. Up to 1970s refractory clay was mined here. Then the quarries were abandoned. Gradually they were filled with water and turned into picturesque lakes. The scenery is extremely unusual for the region: turquoise water, colorful hills, rugged cracks and overgrown with pines. Here you can wander for hours, but we don't have much time - try to fit in an hour, because there are still many interesting things to do!

Андреевский карьер

The Andreyevsky quarry is a favorite place for bathing among Kaluga residents. We'll remember it for the next trip to Kaluga, but in the meantime, just look here for a few minutes. In the forests before the quarry you can find a unique attraction. This is Ekaterina Bridge, the first reinforced concrete bridge in the Kaluga Province. The massive construction was erected in 1908 across the Zhelov River. Powder moss and grass, dilapidated bridge in the middle of the Kaluga jungle looks epic.

Восточный Базар

You can have lunch in Kaluga, in the restaurant "East Bazaar". It is an incredibly stylish restaurant of Oriental cuisine, which boasts a solid selection of dishes on coals and pastries.

Каменный мост

Not far from the restaurant there is a very important attraction - the oldest stone viaduct in Russia. It was built in 1785. Let's take a look at this architectural marvel and hurry on our way.

Gazpromneft filling station #76

Ahead of the Gazpromneft filling station. A good reason to make a stop: refuel with quality fuel, drink coffee and just warm up.


In a field near the village of Krasotynki you can find bizarre structures made of wood - a pagan temple (temple). The reconstructions in the complex under construction are dedicated to the customs of the Slavs of VIII-XIII centuries. In summer in Krasotynka they celebrate the Day of Perun and Ivan Kupala. In addition to the treasury of Perun, in the complex have already appeared place of veneration of ancestors and the temple of Fire Svarozhich (the Eastern Slavs before the adoption of Christianity deified fire). It is possible to visit a complex free of charge, but under preliminary arrangement in [group VKontakte.](https://vk.com/krasotynka).

Художественный музей мусора "Му Му"

The next point of our unusual journey will be the Garbage Museum "MU MU" - the first and only one in Russia. Its exhibits are made of different junk: it turned out creatively and with humor. The museum has a quite specific message: careful treatment of nature and ecology, collection and recycling of recyclable materials. From Friday to Sunday [museum](https://art-mumu.ru/) is open until 19:00, on other days it closes an hour earlier. Monday is a day off.


People come to the restaurant "Moremania" for delicious fish and seafood. The menu here is more than original. Have you ever tasted eclairs with mackerel? That's the one!