Unusual sights south of Moscow: quarries, Slavic temples, ancient Chinese city – Day 2: Mysterious quarries and a corner of China in Tula region

Tula is generous with sights, samovars and gingerbread. But we've seen and tried it all before. It's time for an alternative adventure: go to the abandoned quarries! Guryevskie caves (or Byaki) are abandoned adits of XV-XVI centuries, where limestone used to be mined. Get ready to spend 4-6 hours underground: the tunnels have no end and no edge. When we get to the surface, we change our clothes and meet the Celestial Empire in the complex "Golden City" with beautiful pagodas, lanterns and openwork bridges. In the evening we will return to Tula for a delicious dinner at the Ginza Project restaurant and sleep after a busy day.
Unusual sights south of Moscow: quarries, Slavic temples, ancient Chinese city
Travel distance by car: 151 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Tula, Makhrinskiye Vyselki, Nizhneye Petrovo

Trip duration: 3 days

Marina Selivanova

заброшенный дворец Фон Мекка


Not far from the abandoned estate of the philanthropist Maximilian Karlovich von Meck (1869-1950) there are the Guryevskie caves. They are three separate systems with a total length of about 50 km. All year round the temperature in the caves is only +8°C. A visit to the quarries will bring a lot of bright impressions to an unsophisticated person. In addition to the magic of the dungeon, the corridors have their own remarkable places, such as a kind of museum and "kamikaze forest". Independently visiting the caves (coordinates 54°23'53. 38°11'57) is not recommended: you can easily get lost in endless walks. Experienced guides will help - you can find the guides' contacts, for example [here](https://vk.com/podzemnye_byaki). ** What do you need to take with you:** - flashlights; - a helmet or a tight hat; - gloves and knees; - good water supply. The caves are wet and dirty, some of them will have to crawl somewhere. Choose your clothes wisely - they should be as comfortable, warm and not too dressy as possible. We will have lunch right in the cave - in the underground cave, by candlelight. Some excursions include lunch, in other cases you should take food with you.

Zolotoj Gorod

After the quarries we go to "Golden City" - an unusual tourist complex, made in the traditional oriental style. Everything here is imbued with the spirit of Ming China - bent roofs of pagodas (by the way, made without a single nail), house for tea ceremonies, bridges, Buddhist temple. Most materials - marble and natural stones - are brought from the Celestial Empire itself. Entrance to the territory costs 300 rubles on weekdays and 500-1000 rubles at weekends. In addition to walks, you can play football or badminton, go horseback riding, visit a kartodrome or Indian SPA (which may be better after 6 hours in the dungeon!). * You can specify the information [on the site of the copmix](http://www.zolotoygorod.com/) *.

Пряности & Радости


You can discuss the day's events during dinner at Spices&Joy restaurant. The facility can be praised not only for its wonderful views of the Upa River. Beautiful interior, excellent menu with Georgian specialists and the main hits of European cuisine - these are its main advantages.

Key Hotel

It's time to gather strength before tomorrow. Hurry up to the hotel!