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 Travel along the Mzymta river

Road Trip Route. Sky Bridge, Tari-Bary farm, Trinity-St. George's Monastery, Psakho Canyon, White Cliffs, .

The longest suspension bridge in the world was built over the Akhshtyrsky gorge, along which the Mzymta River flows, according to an innovative design by New Zealand engineers. Its length is 439 meters, and its height is 207 meters. So, you will have a walk of half a kilometer at an altitude, imagine, 70 storey house! Unforgettable views of Psakho Canyon and the White Rocks are also waiting for you!

Active Leisure. From: Sochi

Матвей Тимофеев. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1:


Sky Bridge

Skybridge is a unique place that combines the beauty of a natural location with an urban landscape. The place with its high-altitude attractions, crazy views of the Caucasian nature and the longest in Russia suspended pedestrian bridge, which literally floats in the air. A place that is suitable for walks, discoveries, bright emotions, it is also an excellent location for events. The building of New Zealand engineers. Impressions are enough for a long time, breathtaking view, and at the same time you can dare to jump 69 meters or 207.

Sky Bridge the other side

Behind the entrance to the park there is a platform with a restaurant and an observation deck from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the gorge and the suspension bridge itself. At the observation deck you can take unforgettable photos that will remind you of your visit to Skypark. On the other side of the bridge you can see the road running down the gorge towards Krasnaya Polyana and the foothills of the main Caucasus Range.

Кафе Гнездо Совы

Here you can have a snack or coffee after an extreme walk on the "celestial bridge".

Хуторок Тары-Бары

Let's stop for lunch. The place is quite authentic: the interior is made in the style of Ukrainian farm: mills, stoves, thatched roofs and wooden fences. Luxurious roosters walk along the site, trout, sturgeon and ducks float in the pond. Here in front of your eyes, specially for you, the chef will catch trout in the pond and cook it immediately. It is very delicious, especially when combined with the clean air and forest atmosphere.

Троице-Георгиевский женский монастырь

Very beautiful monastery, relatively young - he is 20 years old. It is an unusually beautiful temple in blue tones, stylized as a stalactite cave by the river. Many relics of saints in the central temple. Friendly nuns. Very delicious monastic pastries. The buildings of the monastery are modern, but located in the place of the old monastery destroyed to the ground. It's a quiet and peaceful place. You won't want to leave!

Каньон Псахо

Psakho River Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in Sochi. It consists of two parts: the Wet Canyon, which today flows through the river and the oldest Dry, created by prehistoric earthquake, and once served as a river bed. This place enjoys great popularity among tourists not by chance: here and the pristine nature, a chic boxwood grove, and the opportunity to swim in the mountain river, and just a place where you can take a lot of delightful pictures. There is a canyon on the left tributary of Kudepsta, the river Psakho. It is about 11 km long and, like many other mountain rivers, in some places it is more like a brook.

Белые Скалы

Canyon "White Rocks" is another natural attraction in the vicinity of Sochi. At the entrance to the route barrier, ticket offices and a small cafe. After paying entrance fees and a photo shoot at the observation deck on the top of a huge rock begins the first part of the route - a steep descent to the bottom of the river gorge Big Hosta. There are many wooden stairs and steps along the way, made of stones or carved right into the rocks. There is a shady fairytale forest all around - huge giants Tisa and red boxwood overgrown with evergreen moss. It may seem surprising only to those who do not know that the famous Tisa boxwood grove is in the same gorge just three kilometers down the Khosta River gorge. The descent to the river takes 20 to 40 minutes, depending on how fast you descend. At the exit to the river, the trail is split. The trail goes left along the waterfall and descends to the font. Between the waterfall and the font, the Khosta River is narrowed to a width of 1 meter and the depth exceeds 12 meters at this point! If you have children with you, hold their hand. It's only a meter from the trail.