To the north of the Perm region: Berezniki, Usolie, Solikamsk – Road.Travel

To the north of the Perm region: Berezniki, Usolie, Solikamsk

Road Trip Route. Ancient temples in Solikamsk, Merchant houses Usolie, Walk in the center of Berezniki.

The route is designed for a wide range of people interested in the history of the Urals. In two days you will walk around several cities with preserved historical buildings and get acquainted with their main sights. The route is available all year round. Moves on foot are not long, you can go with children.

History and Culture, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Perm

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Berezniki and Solikamsk

On this day we will walk around the center of Berezniki and Solikamsk and visit the Solikamsk Local History Museum.


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Треугольный сквер

The first point of our journey is the city of Berezniki. The city was given life by salt mines and later by salt mines located along the Kama and under the central part of the city. A walk through Berezniki will start in a triangular square. It is located in the very center on the corner of Lenin Avenue and Pyatiletka Street. At the intersection of Lenin Avenue and Sovetsky Prospekt there is a pocket where you can leave your car and go for a walk in the city. The square is quite small, but quite well-groomed and cozy. At the entrance to the square there is a monument to forester Valentin Mindovsky.

Lenin Avenue

Then we go for a walk along Lenin Avenue. This is one of the main and most beautiful streets in the city. Opposite the triangular square from which you just came out is the Avangard Cinema, an architectural monument. Further along the street will be Lenin square, which overlooks the buildings of the Historical Museum and the Lenin House. Then on one side of the street will begin the City Park of Culture and Recreation. This is the next point on our route.

Городской Парк Культуры И Отдыха

Come on in the park. It occupies a large block in the city center. The park's central alley runs through a birch grove and takes you to the most interesting part of the park near the main alley, which is located near the intersection of Karl Marx Street and Sovetskogo Prospekt.

Советская площадь

This is the main square of the city. All mass events are held there, and in winter an ice town is organized. Next to the square there is a park named after Ivan Lyubimov - one of the heads of Perm.


It's time for a snack. In the center of Berezniki there is an inexpensive cafe "Shrovetide". It is located three blocks from the park.

Воскресенская площадь

From Berezniki we go to Solikamsk. Introduction to the city will begin with Voskresenskaya Square. There are the Cathedral Bell Tower, the Church of the Resurrection and Nativity and the Holy Trinity Cathedral. On the square you can leave your car and go for a walk around the city. In close proximity to the square there are the Central and Demidovsky parks.

Ascension Church

The Ascension Church is located almost at the very end of Naberezhnaya Street. It is part of the Holy Trinity Monastery.

Church of John the Baptist

The Church of John the Baptist is a little away from the center. It is located on the territory of the Krasnoselsky convent.

Solikamsk Local History Museum

Solikamsk Local Lore Museum is located in 6 buildings - architectural monuments of the XVII-XIX centuries. They house exhibitions devoted to Old Russian art, house painting of the Kama region and nature. The museum's ticket office is located in the residential building at 93 Naberezhnaya Street. The museum is open until 18:00, the ticket office until 17:30. [Official website](

Itsubi Café

Café Itsubi is located near the museum. Here you can enjoy Japanese cuisine.

Day 2: Usolie and Dobryanka

On this day we will walk along Usolie, see the ruins of the temple in Pyskor and walk along the quay in Dobryanka.

Ray Cafe

I suggest starting the day with breakfast in the cafe "Luch", which is located near the hotel.

Палаты Строгановых

Today we will visit Usolie. Here on the bank of the Kama river there is a complex of historical buildings, completely devoid of buildings of the XX century. Unfortunately, many buildings are in poor condition. But there's some restoration going on somewhere. The best view of the complex opens from the Stroganov Chamber. Nearby there are the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, bell tower, trading rows. The building of the Stroganov Chamber now houses the Usolie History and Architecture Museum. Works Wednesday through Sunday from 10 to 17 hours.

Усадьба князей Голицыных

Near the Stroganov chambers there is Golitsyn manor house. There is now a branch of the Berezniki History and Art Museum. He works from 10 to 17 Wednesday to Sunday, too.


You should have lunch before the long journey. There are no places to eat in Usolie. But your further way goes through Berezniki. There is a large selection of cafes and restaurants. Pretty well fed at the Grill Bar "Montenegro".


The last point of our route is Dobryanka. Here we will visit the embankment of Dobryanka river and look at the houses located along it. Immediately after the dam there will be the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, and behind it there will be a turn to Lenin Street. There are several pockets along it. Park and go to the embankment. The embankment covers almost all historical buildings of the city. The first two-storey building is the building of the plant management of Dobryanskiy metallurgical plant Stroganov. Then there will be a local history museum building. And the embankment ends with the River Station.

Dvenadtsat' Stul'yev

You can also have dinner in Dobryanka. The cafe is cozy, the menu is small, but there's a good selection of salads and hot dishes. Have a little rest before your return journey if you don't want to wait for your home-cooked meal.

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