To the border of Europe and Asia: Chusovoi, Gubaha, Mount Kolpaki, Mount Kachkanar – Day 1: Chusova and Lips

Today you can walk around Chusovoye, visit the observation deck at the top of the White Stones cliff and go skiing or snowboarding in Gubaha.
To the border of Europe and Asia: Chusovoi, Gubaha, Mount Kolpaki, Mount Kachkanar
Travel distance by car: 226 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Gubakha, Ugleural'skiy, Chusovoy, Zalesnaya, Perm, Nagornskiy, Gremyachinsk

Trip duration: 3 days

Александр Багно


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Old Town in Chusovoi

We'll begin our journey with the town of Chusovoi. The most interesting part of it is the Old Town. Here you should walk along Lenin Street, which is built up with Soviet-era houses. Once you've reached the end of the street, turn to the crossing. Matrosov Street starts behind him. There are original Soviet-built houses on it, too.

Café "Hi, lunch!"

At the end of our route on Matrosova Street there's a cafe called Hello, Lunch! It is open from Monday to Saturday. If this cafe doesn't appeal to you, there's a cafe next door called Magnit.

Белые камни

Scenic Lookouts

From Chusovoye, turn to Berezniki. Approximately one kilometer after the turn to Gremyachinsk on the right side of the road will be a natural monument White Stones. It is a rock above the trees, steep from the forest side and with a gentle rise from the road side. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Basegi Range.

Hotel Dolina

The art object "Happiness is here."

The art object is clearly visible when approaching the village of Osva. You can leave your car at the cafe near the stop and go up. In summer, a trail leads to the site.

The art object "Happiness in the mountains"

This art object meets everyone who came to Gubaha to go skiing or snowboarding. It is installed at the bottom of the slopes for skiing.

Tourist Center "Gubaha"

Tonight we're going to spend at Gubaha Ski Resort. It is located on the outskirts of Gubaha on the slope of Mount Krestovaya. There are 18 skating tracks, equipment rental, changing booths. It is possible to order a lesson with an instructor. Routes of various levels and lengths from a hundred meter training course to a kilometer high-speed descent. There are freeride tracks, there's a snowpark. In the evening, the tracks are lit up. The tourist centre has three cafes, a hostel and a hotel, a children's playroom, a luggage room, three free and one paid parking lot.

Café Montblanc.

It's one of three places in the ski area. The cafe is located at the top of the slopes for skiing. It has a good representation of oriental cuisine.

Hotel Dolina

There are hotels in Gubaha where you can spend the night.