To the best Altai cheese! – Day 2: Altai cheese

Behind the Altai cheese to a deaf mountain village? I'd love to! After all, it's worth it! Today we will try real homemade cheese made by the people of the mountain region.
To the best Altai cheese!
Travel distance by car: 879 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Zaton, Biysk, Gornyy, Solonovka, Novosibirsk, Barnaul

Trip duration: 2 days

Yana Levchuk

Gazpromneft filling station #200

It's a great trip, isn't it? And for it to be dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Архиерейское Подворье Бийска


We will make a small stop at the historical spiritual and administrative center of Altai Orthodoxy - Bishop's Court. Now there is a museum of the history of the Altai spiritual mission in the building. Restoration works are underway on the territory.

Cheese village and Dairy house

Here you will learn how cheeses and butter are made, can taste elite cheeses, natural butter and taste delicious cheese dumplings. Tasting armour phones: 8 (38535) 2-22-74, 8 (38535) 2-63-31, 8 (905) 080-25-12 More information can be obtained [on site](

Kokorin family cheese factory

Here you can not only try it, but also take part in the preparation of cheese! All products are made of homemade milk. Record for tasting and excursion: +7 (903) 991-46-97 - Kokorin Alexander +7 (903) 991-46-99 - Roenko Alla Viktorovna

Restaurant "Kalina Krasnaya"

The restaurant is made in ancient Russian style. But not only the interior amazes with its original design, but also the menu developed by the chefs! It's as if you're moving through the times of Ancient Russia! We highly recommend you to try obskogo zander own salt, smoked fruit tree, as well as fried to the golden crust grayling! And do not forget to order pickles of their own production!

Restaurant "Sail"

After such a gastronomic tour it's time to have a cup of tea from mountain herbs.


Home, sweet home!