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The basics of Permian Komi national cuisine

Road Trip Route. Architectural and ethnographic complex "Khokhlovka", Ilyinsk Local History Museum, Monument to Kudym-Osh, National cafes and restaurants of Kudymkar, Ocher Museum of Local Lore, Spoon museum, Cafe-Museum "Perm Cuisine".

Journey to Kudymkar, the capital of Permian Komi national cuisine. It's no secret that the best and tastiest national cuisine is kept in grandmother's recipes of each family, but in Kudymkar practically every cafe and restaurant has dishes of Permian Komi cuisine. The only thing left is to choose the best.

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Pavel Ivshin. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The road to Kudymkar

Tonight we will find ourselves in Kudymkar and visit its best establishments, but in the meantime we will have to take an almost three-hundred kilometer route through the ethno park "Khokhlovka", Ilyinsky settlement.


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Архитектурно-этнографический музей «Хохловка»

The center of wooden architecture of the region. More than 20 objects of cultural heritage are collected here. Each of them is a contact point, you can go inside, touch and see. There is a cafe in the park, where you can buy delicious shangy - this is the first item of national cuisine on our way.

Ilyinsk Local History Museum

A magic village on the shore of one of the Kama lips. Traveling in the countryside, you do not hope to see here two-storey stone mansions with rotundas and other attributes of the high nobility, but Ilyinsky Reserve can surprise. Here for a long time, almost two centuries, was the center of the Perm estates of the Stroganovs, lived the largest Kama local historians brothers Volegovy, the first Russian scientist-forestler Teploukhov, which could not but affect the appearance of the village. Mode of operation: Monday to Friday: from 9:00 to 17:00. Saturday: from 11:00 to 15:00. On Sunday the museum works only by preliminary requests.


On the opposite bank of the lip is an inn, which, according to the locals, is famous for its ear. Well, the ear is also a traditional dish for Perm cuisine, and this is the second culinary attraction on our way.

Tserkov' Troitsy Zhivonachal'noy.

There is an interesting church 20 km from the tavern. Externally, and internally in a very deplorable condition. The signs on the outside say that the church is being restored. Despite its deplorable appearance, the church is functioning, and on weekends services are held there.

Day 2: Perm cuisine

Tikhon of Amaphunt Church

A small stop and an equally small church on our way. The sign at the entrance says the church is over 200 years old. The decoration is very modest, even the floor is wooden.

Ochersky Regional Museum of Local Lore. A.V. Netsvetayev Museum of Regional Studies

Ochersky Local Lore Museum. A treasure trove of interesting facts about people and their customs that lived here many centuries ago. There is a reservoir in the town, as well as in many settlements of this region. Weekend: Monday.

Cafe "Yunost"

After a walk along the pond we go to a cafe for lunch. We eat and go to the next point of the route - in front of the Museum of Spoons. The menu includes home cooking: borscht, meat and fish cutlets, all kinds of side dishes and pastries.

Spoon museum

What's a meal without a spoon? That's right, there's nothing without a spoon, so this museum is the best fit for our gastronomic tour! Watching and wondering about the variety of what seems to be a common cutlery...

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Soup Restaurant "Wallet"

There is a soup restaurant at the entrance to Perm, in Krasnokamsk. It's an interesting place. The menu is full of various soups, including traditional fish soups for the region. In addition to soups in the menu: hot dishes, salads, snacks and pastries. Work mode: Monday to Saturday 8:00-20:00, Sunday 8:00-18:00.

The Church of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir

A large wooden cathedral near the bridge over Kama. Special atmosphere, pleasant for walking and rest. It's worth a little walk.


Day 3: