Tatar delicacies – Day 1: Tatar delicacies

Leave early, as the Republic of Tatarstan is waiting for you, which won the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2019 in the category "Russian gastronomic tourism". Your first stop to have a good appetite will be the town of Bolgar, founded by the Bulgars - Turkic tribes living in the Volga region. And after that you will find traditional Turkic cuisine in the only restaurant in Kazan that knows a lot about it. After a hearty lunch you will get acquainted with the culture of the city, visit the Kremlin, see numerous street sculptures, try a traditional Tatar dessert - Chakchak and visit the shop-museum of local alcoholic beverages showing the history of the region. And after all this, you will also have a traditional Tatar dinner. Bon appetit!
Tatar delicacies
Travel distance by car: 465 km.Travel distance on foot: 4 km.Visiting: Kazan’, Belozerka, Bolgar, Samara

Trip duration: 2 days

Anna Semochkina


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Cathedral Mosque Bulgaria

The mosque was erected in XIII century and is considered the main construction in ancient Bulgar.

Bulgar Castle Reserve.

During its heyday, Bulgar was considered one of the centers of craftsmanship. But the city was attacked by the Golden Horde and was almost completely destroyed. Now the city has been restored and attracts several buildings such as: White Mosque, Memorial Sign "Adoption of Islam", Gabdrakhman's Well, Eastern Mausoleum and of course, the Cathedral Mosque.

Hotel Nogai

Hotel Nogai

The car should be left at the hotel and walked for lunch.

Chaikhana Marhaba

"Markaba" is the only restaurant of Turkic cuisine in Kazan, the main components of which are meat, milk and dough. After the ancient Bulgar this is exactly the place where you should have lunch to continue studying culture.

Kazan Kremlin (Казанский Кремль)

Historic Sites

The Kremlin or "Heart of the City" is a place that almost everyone associates with Kazan. The Kazan Kremlin is a large complex, consisting of archaeological, historical and architectural monuments of XII-XX centuries. There is also a newly built Kul Sharif Mosque, which painted on all postcards of the city - something you should definitely see.

Кремлёвская набережная

Pedestrian Plazas

The length of the quay is only 1.5 km and it was built relatively recently. The views and small entertainments such as a merry-go-round are worth seeing.

Памятник Казанскому Коту

Outdoor Sculptures

Kazan Cat is the hero of many historical legends and legends.

Музей чак-чака


In Tatarstan, chak-chak meet dignitaries, as in Russia it was customary to meet bread and salt. Visit the museum and learn the history of the famous dessert. The doors of the museum are open daily from 11:00 to 19:00.

Arysh Mae, the shop-museum.

"Arysh Mae." - is a museum shop where you learn about the way traditional alcoholic beverages are produced and the culture of their consumption. The museum is decorated with national costumes, toys and decorations, and on the shelves of the museum you can see traditional dishes of Tatarstan.

Tatarskaya Estate Hotel and Restaurant Complex

The complex is not only conveniently located on the shore of Lake Kaban, but also has one of the best menus of traditional Tatar cuisine in town. And there is still a lot to try, start with horsemeat, and your waiter will help you with the rest of the choice.

Часы на улице Баумана

Monuments / Landmarks

Stop at Valentine's Hours, located on Bauman pedestrian street.

Hotel Nogai

The first day of the trip ends. It's time for a well-deserved rest. Tomorrow you will visit many more interesting places! Breakfast next day will be at the hotel.