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Southern discovery: the edge of vineyards and picturesque mountain serpentines

Road Trip Route. Learn the technology of classical and modern winemaking, See the bright nature and breathtaking roads of the Krasnodar Region, Feel the Cossack hospitality and gastronomic delight.

Sea and sun is the recipe for a perfect holiday. Let's extend the summer for two more months. First-class service and of course a busy route can make it perfect. [Organization of accommodation, sightseeing and meals.](

Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture, Gastronomy. From: Krasnodar

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Preparing for your trip

Arrival at the luxurious **Hotel Marriott Krasnodar**. Welcome dinner, where you will learn about Cossack hospitality and taste exceptional cuisine of Kuban Cossacks.

Marriott Hotel Krasnodar

Fashionable hotel Krasnodar Marriott** is located in the center of Krasnodar. Here guests are pleased to offer comfortable rooms for accommodation, a wide range of services for recreation.

Day 2: Along the mountain serpentine to Anapa.

You will overcome the picturesque high-speed mountain streamer from **Krasnodar** to the estate **"Abrau-Durso "**. The road will allow you to enjoy the view from the window and give an unforgettable feeling of speed driving and drive! In the afternoon you will have a no less exciting journey - overcoming the off-road mountain serpentine on the way to **Anapa** on the very edge between the mountain slopes and the Black Sea coast.

The Abrau Durso estate.

**"Abrau-Durso "** is one of the few champagne factories where the manual method of production and its traditions are preserved. Women's hands rotate around 20,000 bottles daily - men are not trusted to do such fine work. ** Lunch in a cozy restaurant **

Villa Roses restaurant

On the shore of the picturesque lake Abrau opened **restaurant "Villa Rose" ** with a real wood stove, tandoor and wine cellar! The chef and soul of the restaurant Ruslan Terzyan is a professional with 15 years of experience in the most famous hotel and restaurant brands, participant of international competitions and winner of the All-Russian culinary championship Chef a la Russe.

Utesov Hotel

**The cliffs ** is a unique hotel built on a seaside cliff. The hotel offers a breathtaking view, memorable for a long time. The location of the hotel gives holidaymakers clean air filled with the breath of the sea, and this is combined with the availability of tourist infrastructure. ** Dinner in a gourmet restaurant on a rocky slope over the sea **

Day 3: Visiting vineyards

First, we're going to the Black Sea coast at Guy Codsor's **Wednesday **. Next, we'll head to the **Winoterry Winery **. You will find a cozy atmosphere and typical southern flavor, somewhat reminiscent of sunny Italy. In the afternoon, following the picturesque serpentine, among the mountains and vineyards bathed in the gentle rays of the southern sun, you will arrive at the ** winery complex "Lefkadia Valley "**.

Guy-Codsor vineyards

The combination of the most modern technology and centuries of experience is the distinctive feature of this winery.


You will find a cozy atmosphere and typical southern flavor, a bit like sunny Italy. You will learn about the wine traditions of these places and why the logo of this winery, which belongs to the Austrian family, depicts a plane.

музей Вина Лефкадия

Exquisite buildings, snow-white fountains, unique man-made ponds, lavender fields and juicy vine are the perfect place to relax in body and soul.

Lefkadia Hotel

You will enjoy a gourmet dinner and taste the ancient art of winemaking.

Day 4: Route end

In the morning you will meet in **"Lefkadia Valley "**, the so-called Russian Provence. The breakfast will take place surrounded by fragrant fields, vineyards in the historical Tuscan style. The end of the trip to Krasnodar. **It is possible to organize an additional program if you wish**.

Lefkadia Valley

**"Lefkadia "** is a winery specializing in the production of dry and sparkling wines. It is located in the village of Moldavanskoe (Krasnodar region).