South of the Gulf of Finland and NK Roerich Museum – Day 2: Manors of the Leningrad region

Today we will look at how the estates in the Leningrad region are preserved. We will compare different epochs and architectural styles. For the evening Georgian cuisine in a restaurant overlooking a small pond.
South of the Gulf of Finland and NK Roerich Museum
Travel distance by car: 226 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kingisepp, Izvara, Centralniy, Rozhdestveno, Saint Petersburg, Torosovo

Trip duration: 2 days

Ksenia Beskova

Усадьба Н.К. Рериха

Art Museums

Sprawling spruce, low clouds. The exposition is very small and of great value is the fact that Roerich spent his youth here. After her husband died, the mother of the artist and archaeologist sold the house. The building housed a school and a library. Monday and Tuesday are weekends.

Арт-кафе «Извара»


Coffee is brewed here, and this is unfortunately not common in the Kingisepp area. An interesting institution, similar to the village library, has several shelves of books for visitors. Of course, Nikolai Roerich is the protagonist of this place.

Музей-усадьба «Рождествено»

History Museums

It's hard to resist and drive past this estate. It's very majestic, it rises above the road. Climbing the old stairs to the high ground, you are even more surprised. The building is completely built of wood. It's 18th century. It turns out that Vladimir Nabokov lived here. He lived here for one year, but most of the museum is dedicated to the writer and his family.

Усадьба барона Врангеля

Historic Sites

Pleasant desolation. There is no roof and windows, walls are gradually collapsing. Once there was a village school in the manor. Now the locals are gradually dragging bricks for their daily needs. Well, the ruin lovers come for walks.

Ресторан "У Пруда"

Caucasian Restaurants

On weekdays there are practically no visitors, it's nice to be alone on the summer veranda overlooking the pond. Georgian cuisine is presented