South of the Gulf of Finland and NK Roerich Museum – Day 1: south of the Gulf of Finland

We'll take the dam to Kronstadt, look at the lighthouses of different centuries. We'll take a ride along the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, exploring the "Kurgal Reserve". In the evening we'll warm up in a noisy English pub in Kingisepp.
South of the Gulf of Finland and NK Roerich Museum
Travel distance by car: 302 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kingisepp, Kurgolovo, Shepelevo, Kronshtadt, Centralniy, Opol'ye, Vistino

Trip duration: 2 days

Ksenia Beskova

Skoda Yeti

Музей маячной службы

History Museums

The road over the dam led us to a unique museum, and also to the city of Kronstadt. The evolution of the lamps on the lighthouses is clear. In the half-dark room of Fresnel's lens. The staff is pleased with the guests and ready to give a tour even for one visitor, boasting new additions to the collection.

Шепелёвский маяк


Continuing the theme of beacons. A cast-iron tower made by the hands of French craftsmen. Graffiti of Soviet militarism on the walls of buildings, a sandy beach. Next to the tower, overlooking the lighthouse from above and the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Кафе Норд-Вест


The laconic interior of the place. Quick service and large portions. We'll walk along the natural reserve and have a snack at the cafe.


Кургальский заповедник

Nature Preserves

At present, the Kurgala Reserve remains a place where the negative impact of humans remains minimal. Variety of flora and fauna. Unexpectedly, a road made of stones, probably a reminder of the war 30s, can be found in the forest wilderness. A sandy beach, waves of lambs and huge juniper. The smell of pine resin and sea.

Кресто-Воздвиженская Церковь


The church is located not far from the highway, in the middle between Tallinn and St. Petersburg. It is still in Russian-Byzantine style. It is surrounded by a neat old apple orchard. Let's rest in the shade of the trees.

Gazpromneft filling station #74

Ahead of the Gazpromneft filling station. A good reason to make a stop: refuel with quality fuel, drink coffee and just warm up.

The Collection


It's a popular place in Kingisepp. In the evening the pub is filled with locals, spend time with a glass of Belgian beer. The menu includes both mash cutlets and roasted catfish. The staff is attentive and quick to respond to your desires.


Pleasant fatigue and satiety. We're resting in a hotel, getting ready for tomorrow.