Skiing around the world in the region from Novosibirsk – Day 2: I got over it!

So, any more strength left? No? We need to stay! There's a very cool Tanai complex waiting for us! In the morning we can take the Fir Ridge tracks. By lunchtime we will reach the last complex, and at the end visit the museum, which is ideal as the last chord of the trip.
Skiing around the world in the region from Novosibirsk
Travel distance by car: 254 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Novosibirsk, Kostromskoy, Zhuravlevo, Mirnyy, Toguchin

Trip duration: 2 days

Pavel Ivshin

Tanai Alpine Ski Complex

The ski complex has everything you need for a good rest. In other words, a complete gentleman's set of ski complex. The complex has nine (magic number nine, already the third time!) ski slopes of different levels. From "beginner" to "pro". More information about the complex can be found [here]( Here we have lunch and move on.

Gazpromneft filling station #148

There's a gas station coming up. If you are tired, make a comfortable stop - come for a coffee!

Alpine Ski Complex Gorny

The last complex on our two-day route. After Tanya, it will seem childish, but we need it too. We go for a ride and go to the last point of the route.



We wrap up this incredible two-day trek at one of the city's best restaurants so we don't waste our already wasted energy on dinner. Here you should try the ribeye, borscht and pâté, and you should also order a deliciously prepared mango dessert. The huge menu of almost all cuisines of the world and various wine list are at your service, but only till midnight. Everything is like in a fairy tale!