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Siberian villages

Road Trip Route. See the unique temple of Nagorny Ishtan, Walk the steppe in Urtama Yar., Get acquainted with the life of the peasants in the village of Voronovo., Drive through the southernmost mass of cedar trees in Siberia., Enjoy the views of the Ob River, To visit the first defensive point of the Russian state, Drop by the Siberian Kizhi., Relax on the banks of the Tom River..

It will be a journey along beautiful Siberian rivers: Ob and Tom. In two days you'll get acquainted with small but interesting settlements of two regions; you'll see the church built according to the legend "without a single nail" and the church that was shot in the film, walk in the steppe and see the southernmost Siberian cedar tree, get acquainted with the history of the Umrevinskiy ostrog and learn about the exploits of the inhabitants of the city of Yurg.

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Anna Arkhipova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Along the banks of the Ob River

Today we will drive through interesting settlements, which stretched along the banks of the Ob River. You will get acquainted with the history of the village Nagorny Ishtan, look at the failed ecological project Ruyan City, visit the corner of peasant life, drive by the southernmost cedar tree in Siberia and walk along the streets of the pilgrimage center of Novosibirsk region.


There are stops on the route, but don't forget to bring food, water or a thermos with tea in your car just in case.

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Peter and Paul Church

The village of Nagorny Ishtan is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the Tomsk region. There is a church here, which even appeared in one of Mosfilm studio's films. However, the hope that the church will be restored after the filming remains only hope, so the building is taken care of by the people of Nagorny Ishtan themselves.

Melnikovsky Bridge

The village you're passing through now got its name for a reason. There were many mills here, and the locals supplied grain to the neighbouring villages.

Urtama Yar

State natural monument of special value for the preservation of unique features of the geological environment of the Tomsk region, with an adjacent area of the steppe. You can walk to the lighthouse on it.

Mayak Ruyan-city

The lighthouse is a part of the "Ruyan-City" project, which was supposed to become the center of ecotourism, but it didn't take place and left behind picturesque fragments of the failed greatness. Besides the lighthouse, here you can see an unusual monument to Yuri Gagarin and a wooden temple.

Voronov House of Culture

In a part of the House of Culture there is a cozy corner of peasant life in a Russian hut. Here you can find mainly wooden and pottery utensils, which locals themselves gave to a small museum. Voronovo village was also famous for a four-storey wooden mill, which at that time was about 300 years old. You can read about its history [on this site]( Unfortunately, the mill burned down on August 3, 2016.

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Bazoic cedar

In the Tomsk region there are several massifs of cedar trees, which are carefully guarded. The Bazoysky suburb cedar woodland is the most valuable area of cedar forests in the southern taiga of the Tomsk Oblast, as it is the southernmost and most compact place for the mass growth of Siberian cedar in Russia.

Kolyvan Local History Museum

Kolivan is included in the register of historical villages of the country. The settlement is considered one of the key places of religion and culture in the Novosibirsk Region, attracting pilgrims. Among the remarkable objects of Kolyvani are merchant houses and ancient public buildings: Gubin House, which is now a music school, Shepherds' House, postal and telegraph institution, local history museum, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. For information on visiting the museum, please visit [this website]( The museum is open from 10 to 18 hours (13 to 14 hours lunch break), weekends - Sunday and Monday.

Little India

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Day 2: Along the Tom River

The second day of our trip will take place in the Novosibirsk region and along the Tom River. You will get acquainted with the history of Umrevinskiy ostrog, will see "Siberian Kizhi", will learn about feats of the inhabitants of the city of Yurg, and will make a stop on the bank of the beautiful river Tom.

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Uspenskiy Vodopad

While you move along the Ob river, in Uspenka village it's worth seeing the small Uspensky waterfall on the Poros river.

Umrevinsky ostrog

Here, on the bank of the Ob River, there is a unique structure, preserved since the XVIII century. Umrevinsky ostrog is considered to be the first defensive point of the Russian state in these regions, which was built in 1703. It became a part of the eastern defense line of the Russian kingdom: this line went from Tobolsk upstream of the Ob River.


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Turnaevo. Siberian Kizhi

In the village of Turnayevo is the Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov - the first temple in Siberia, consecrated in the name of St. Seraphim of Sarov. It is an architectural monument of local importance, and in everyday life behind the temple was fixed the name "Siberian Kizhi".

Jurgin Memorial Complex

Passing through the village of Jurg, devote time to the memorial complex in memory of the Jurginians who died for their homeland in 1941-1945.


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Our journey has come to an end. We got acquainted with small but interesting historical places of Tomsk and Novosibirsk regions. I hope you have learned something new for yourself and enjoyed the nature of Siberia.