Shamanic stories and the best freeride in the country – Day 3: Astronomical observatory and the mad beauty of the landscape

Today you will spend the day at the ancient Siberian Astrological Observatory, after which you will have a look at the Tuimsky Failure and finish the day with a hiking and a view of the main river of the region - the Great Yenisei.
Shamanic stories and the best freeride in the country
Travel distance by car: 403 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Abakan, Priiskovyy, Ust'-Abakan, Ust'-Fyrkal, Zhemchuzhnyy, Shira

Trip duration: 3 days

Anna Semochkina

Hotel complex Azhur

Have breakfast here and embark on new adventures in snowy Khakassia.


This is the oldest in Siberia astroobservatory, the relief of the rocks here is created by human hand. For Khakas, the Sunduki is a mystical meeting place for spirits. On the top of the first chest - the throne of a shaman and climbing it is very easy even for children, and from here you can see a magnificent panorama for tens of kilometers around.

Tuim Failure

On your way to failure you will also pass Lake Shiri. Make sure you stop and take some pictures. The next stop on your way home is the Tuim Failure itself. In summer, bungee jumps here, and in winter, madly beautiful ice is formed here. The failure was caused by the collapse of underground mines, that is, there used to be a mine here.


The cafe works only for takeaways, but here you can bring baked goods, hot and even soup and eat on the road.

Podkuninskaya writer

At the top of the mountain is an ancient fortress, which offers a stunning view of the Yenisei valley. Here you can also see stunning rock paintings. The ascent takes about 30 minutes.

Gazpromneft filling station #276

There's a gas station ahead! It will be possible to make a comfortable stop, resupply fuel and drink coffee.