Shamanic stories and the best freeride in the country – Day 2: Best freeride in the country and hiking.

After the change of seats yesterday, today will be held in a more relaxed atmosphere, but in active sports. First you will have a light hiking session and afterwards you will enjoy snow and freeride on the most beautiful lakes of the region.
Shamanic stories and the best freeride in the country
Travel distance by car: 222 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Priiskovyy, Yefremkino, Zolotogorskiy

Trip duration: 3 days

Anna Semochkina

Path of ancestry

In the morning you'll have a walk along the Ancestral Trail. It starts practically in the village of Efremkino and goes along the ridges of Togyz-Az massif over the White Iyus River. There are many grottoes on the trail, where the remains of ancient people were found.

Hotel complex Azhur

Stop for a snack and leave your things in your room, as this guest house will be your home for tonight.

Ivanovo lakes

The pearl of your journey is Ivanovo Lakes. The mountain peaks surrounding the lakes reach a height of 1700 meters and it is madly beautiful. From the end of October the skiing season opens here, which lasts until June. And freeride is the first most popular among skiing sports here. Extreme downhill skiing, snowboarding or snowmobile are waiting for you. The slopes of Bobrovaya, Semeynaya, Dolovaya, Transvaal and others are simply ideal for downhill skiing on untouched snow - choose any and enjoy freeride and alpine nature.

Hotel complex Azhur

Dinner is waiting for you and a quiet night at the hotel, after skiing and nature you will sleep just great. I recommend booking in advance, just choose the dates you are interested in on [site](