Shamanic stories and the best freeride in the country – Day 1: Caves and some shamanism.

Today will be dedicated to speleology - two caves and the Valley of Kings are waiting for you. The barrow was built in the III century BC. Then the height of the earth pyramid reached 25-30 meters. There are more than fifty mounds of Tagar rulers, shamans and priests. And finally, you'll stay at the trout farm to fish for dinner.
Shamanic stories and the best freeride in the country
Travel distance by car: 385 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Yefremkino, Troitskoye, Kamyshovaya, Borodino, Kommunar, Ust'-Abakan, Abakan

Trip duration: 3 days

Anna Semochkina


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There's a valley of ancient kings waiting for you. The Salbyk mound, like the Egyptian pyramids, still holds many mysteries. The other name of this place is "Valley of Kings". It is believed that from here the spirits on the mountain trails went to the heavenly world.

Borodino cave

The cave is available all year round. The cave is not categorized, but there are complex areas.

Pancake Cafe

Be sure to have a snack, and take food with you, as there are not many open places on the road during the winter.

Archaeological cave

Visit the Archaeological Cave - it is a small cave, there are no dangerous areas in it, no special training is required. The cave is home to a large colony of bats, who sleep peacefully under the ceiling and on the walls.

Royal Soya Trout Farm

The trout farm is open until 8 pm, I suggest stopping by and fishing for dinner. Here you can cook your own caught fish on the grill, or boil an ear, and if the catch is less than expected, buy a chilled trout. To avoid freezing during fishing, immediately ask to brew you herbal tea. Please note that there is a fine for released fish, and only non-cash payments are made at the fishing farm.

Guest house Call of ancestors

In the region in winter, despite all the beauty of almost everything is closed, so for dinner I advise to buy food in a store located a few minutes from your yurt. And I advise you to enjoy the hospitality of the locals. You can book a yurt at [site](http://www.зовпредков.рф). I recommend contacting the accommodation facility in advance.