Russian delicacies – Day 2: Black caviar, distillery and cheese factory

Today you will see how sturgeons are bred and try black caviar, learn more about the history of distilling in Russia, see the process of making morses from natural berries and taste the real Italian cheese produced in Russia.
Russian delicacies
Travel distance by car: 463 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Shuya, Volgorechensk, Filino, Palekh, Zavolzh'ye, Timiryazevo, Kitovo, Nizhny Novgorod

Trip duration: 2 days

Maria Gorobets

Gazpromneft filling station #156

There's a gas station ahead! Make a comfortable stop, buy water and goods on the road.

Museum "Treasury Wine Warehouse No. 3"

The museum "Treasury Wine Warehouse № 3" is located in the historical building of JSC "Shuiskaya vodka" and tells about the history of alcoholic beverage production for 115 years. In this museum you can: hear a story about the glorious history of the plant from 1899 to the present day, will go deep into the history of distilling in Russia, visit the production and see the whole process from the production of morses of natural berries to corking and packaging bottles (in the working days of production), taste drinks and buy them at factory prices. The museum is open from 11 to 17 hours. Be sure to order a tour in advance by phone +7915818-80-98.

Restaurant "Volgorechensk"

Lunch in a city cafe. Home Russian cuisine is served here.

Cheese Maker Volzhanka

Be sure to buy cheese at the shop at the cheese factory "Volzhanka". The cheese factory is equipped with the most modern Italian equipment, specializes in the production of brine and fresh cheese using traditional technologies.

Volgorechskoe river fishery

Sturgeons are grown on the Volgorechensky fisheries. Their main product is sturgeon caviar, it is produced here more than 13.1 tons per year. Here you can see how fish are grown; try black caviar, trout, carp, hot and cold smoked sturgeon and buy delicacies with you. Be sure to register for the tour in advance by phone at [site](

Svyato-Nikolo-Tikhonov Monastery Lukhsky

Let's go to the village of Lukh, famous for its juicy quality onions. In the village we will visit Svyato-Nikolo-Tikhonov Monastery, founded in 1498 at the confluence of the rivers Luha and Vozopol by St. Tikhon Lukhovsky. The main sanctuary of the monastery is the miracle-working icon of St. Tikhon, also known as the inviolable icon. In 1931 a large number of icons, kept in the monastery, were destroyed - chopped up with axes. According to legend, when one of the godless tried to cut the icon of St. Tikhon, the axe bounced off the icon and could not damage it. The disbeliever threw the icon and fled in terror. The believers secretly kept the miracle-working icon and later, after the end of the persecution of the Church, returned it to the monastery.


We will have dinner at an unusual loft cafe, there are very delicious burgers and pizza.

Плотина Горьковского Водохранилища


Make a small stop, stretch your legs, admire the Volga and Sanahta River at night.

Nizhny Novgorod