Pushkin delicacies – Day 1: In the places of Pushkin.

Today begins with the village of Bernovo (where Pushkin often visited). You will visit the poet's museum, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the beginning of the XIX century and walk along the streets where the writer used to walk. Next you are going to visit the most beautiful town of the Upper Volga region - Staritsa. Here you will taste Wolf's puffs, which Pushkin also praised very much. After a hearty lunch visit a shop at the brewery in Rzhev and go in search of traditional Rzhev gingerbread, cooked exclusively with honey. The day will end with the freshest fish soup and fish pies on the shore of Seliger.
Pushkin delicacies
Travel distance by car: 356 km.Travel distance on foot: 2 km.Visiting: Ostashkov, Staritsa, Rzhev, Bernovo, Pervomayskiy, Tver'

Trip duration: 2 days

Anna Semochkina


Gazpromneft filling station No. 64

Start your journey by refueling at Gazprom Neft filling stations, grab coffee and fresh pastries on the way to make your trip more comfortable!

Музей А. С. Пушкина

History Museums

The museum is located in the Wulfov Estate, where Alexander Sergeyevich often visited. Here the writer worked and had a rest from the city bustle. The doors of the museum are open daily except Monday and Tuesday from 11 to 17.

Старицкий холм


The most beautiful place for panoramic photos of the city

Борисо-Глебский Собор


One of the first cathedrals in Mother Russia, named after saints Boris and Gleb.

Timofeevskaya Usadba

Старицкий мост


Very photogenic place and a great excuse to go for a walk.


The very place where Wolf's puffs are baked with the original recipe. Please note that in order to order the layers it is necessary to call [site](https://www.staritsahotel.com/untitled-c10jh) in advance.

Ernst Klein Beer and Brewery

Traditional Izhevsk drinks. The shop at the brewery is open until 17-00, come in for tasty hop souvenirs!

Советская площадь


Visit the main square in Rzhev, stop at a tourist shop and taste traditional Rzhev gingerbread. Traditionally, they are baked only on honey.

Ресторан "УХА"


Come to a traditional home restaurant, be sure to try fresh ears and fish pies.

Timofeevskaya Usadba

And now we're going to bed full and satisfied, tomorrow you'll have an adventurous day.