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Provence near Moscow: France is closer than it seems!

Road Trip Route. Ancient Kolomna, Eco village (snail farm), Chalet "La Ferme de Reve.", Zaraysk, Bobrenev Monastery, Dostoevsky Estate in the village of Darovoe., Zarai White Well.

Do you love France? Now imagine: snails, champagne, farm cheese and a rest in a magnificent castle. Next to a forest with herds of deer walking around? France can be a lot closer than you think! I offer you a small tour through the beautiful reserved and secluded corners of the Moscow region. You will get acquainted with ancient Kolomna and a small Zarai. You'll visit the Bobrenev Monastery, the Dostoevsky estate in the village of Darovoye and gain energy in the famous Zaraysky White Well. And on your way home, you'll drop in at a cozy restaurant on the river and finish your tour with a colourful dinner.

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Maria Mamedli. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Kolomna, a snail farm and a Provence-style chalet.

On the first day we will get acquainted with the ancient Russian city of Kolomna. Then we will visit a snail farm and finish the day at the Provence style estate.

Коломенский кремль

Let's start our day by getting to know the wonderful old town of Kolomna. The Kolomna Kremlin is a reduced exact copy of the Moscow Kremlin, everyone should see it!

Успенский кафедральный собор

On the territory of the Kremlin we will walk along the Cathedral Square, where you can enjoy the majesty of famous churches and cathedral: Assumption Cathedral, Tikhvin Church, Church of the Holy Cross and the air church of the New Golutvin Monastery.

Богородице-Рожденственский Бобренев Монастырь

On the opposite bank of the river there is the Bobrenev Monastery. There are very few tourists there, and for nothing - it is the oldest monastery near Moscow. I strongly advise you to stop and take pictures exactly from the side of the monastery: from there you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the ancient Kolomna, because the monastery stands on a hill and from there the whole city is like on a palm!


After immersion in the history of our country we go to an agricultural farm. Did you know that we grow snails? Now you can not only see the snail kingdom, you can try them: master class in snail preparation with a glass of champagne. The farm also breeds unique goats of Zaanen breed from which milk is used to make extraordinary cheese - you will also be shown a master class on cheese making! A visit to the farm ends with an open fire lunch and herbal tea from a samovar.

La Ferme de Reve

To complete the day with a maximum dive into the French Provence - we go to the Castle! We have a copy of one of the Chateaux of the Loire or Provence in the Moscow region! Everything, from the interior to the nature speaks about calmness and silence. Dine in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy fresh farm produce. The restaurant is prepared with products of its own production. I advise you to try the original salad "Glukhar's Nest", Tabaka chicken, cranberry morsel and freshly baked bread. It is best to book a table at a restaurant in advance, on the official [restaurant website](

Day 2: Amazing architecture of Moscow region

Morning in the castle, acquaintance with Zarayskiy, Dostoevsky estate and in the end: dinner in a good restaurant.

La Ferme de Reve

We'll start the morning with a rustic breakfast of local fresh produce. Then you can walk around the farm and enjoy the beauties of nature: you can rent bicycles or ATVs or go horseback riding.

Источник "Белый Колодец"

After leaving the hotel we will head to a small town Zaraysk. At the entrance to the town you should stay at the spring with very clean and holy water - the White Well. There you can just drink, take water with you and, if you want, take a bath (do not forget the bathing accessories). The White Well is visited from mid-May to late September.

Зарайский кремль

Next stop in Zaraysk will be at the Kremlin - it's the smallest Kremlin in the Moscow region. It won't take long to visit, but it's worth seeing.

Поместье Ф.М. Достоевского в Даровом

Then I suggest going to the native lands of the writer Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. The writer spent all his childhood in the estate Darovoe, the natural landscape of the place has been preserved intact to this day. It is worth getting acquainted with this place at least because it influenced the fate and further life of the writer.

Gazpromneft filling station #43

Ahead of the Gazpromneft filling station. A good reason to make a stop: refuel with quality fuel, drink coffee and just warm up.

Fish Point на Симферопольском шоссе

You can finish your journey in a cozy restaurant on the riverbank. Here they serve fresh river fish, trout, carp, crucian carp. Also don't forget to order pirozhki - delicious! After dinner we leave for Moscow.