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Photo tour of unobvious sights of the Leningrad region

Road Trip Route. Capture the "Kizhi of St. Petersburg" at the Theologian's mansion, Take atmospheric footage of the ruins of as many as 4 abandoned estates., See the Lutheran Kirch in all its restored splendor and beauty., Lunch on the coast of the "Seishelles of St. Petersburg.", Take a walk around Kronstadt to make a better shot of his "sea" places., Look at the dachas of the past centuries., Capture Trongzund Fortress at the northernmost tip of Bolshoi Vysotsky Island, To see the oldest residential building in our country., Take a picture of St. Andrew's Church in the afternoon sun..

A route for eager for new experiences and special shots. If you've already trampled the well-known trails, you're definitely coming to us. Please stock up on insect spray, comfortable non-slip shoes and a few locks for your shoot.

Arts and Creativity, History and Culture, Unobvious locations. From: Saint Petersburg

Alina Maslova. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: The ruins of abandoned estates and a new development

Well, let's get our photo guns ready and go. In the program of the day: visiting 4 estates, 1 wooden temple and 1 Lutheran church.

Moo Moo Burger & Grill

Technical stop at a very popular burger shop in St. Petersburg. We'll stock up on burgers and water. Lunch is planned in the bosom of nature. We recommend to pay attention to a sound position "Erwin" with a cutlet from a seafood mix, "Swiss Peanut" with peanut paste inside, "Griboedov" with mushroom julienne as a sauce.

Усадьба Богословка

The first point of our photo journey is "Petersburg Kizhi" or the Church in the name of the Protection of the Holy Virgin with 25 puppet-shaped chapters. The church is an exact copy of the beloved church of Peter the Great, which was located on the territory of the present Vologda region and burned to the ground during the fire in 1963.

Каменная башня (руины ветряной мельницы)

Let's start the raid on the forgotten heritage of the Leningrad region. It is somewhat abandoned and neglected, but it has a huge potential for the realization of the most daring creative ideas. Volkovitskaya Tower next to the estate of the same name looks more like a defensive structure than the mill, as which it was conceived. However, it was indeed used for military purposes - during World War II, the tower functioned as a beacon until the Germans occupied the territory. In the postwar period, the estate was used as a sanatorium, hospital and even a hostel. After a fire in the 90s, the manor could no longer be restored. Make sure you capture it before you build a fashionable mansion on this site.

Церковь Святой Троицы

The estate, shrouded in mystical legends, once belonged to Fyodor Briscorn, Peter the Great's secret advisor. It is said to be the most "disappeared" manor of the Leningrad region. Only the remnants of the foundation of the lord's house, the park gates and the crumbling church in the form of a rotunda have been preserved. The church, by the way, was erected in the early XIX century, allegedly inconsolable widow Briskorn. Only according to rumors, she was not as unhappy as she wanted to beg for her sins. But it did not work - the temple began to fall apart quickly, which confirms the hypothesis that her soul was left without forgiveness. The 12 columns inside the church once reminded us of the court musicians tortured to death by Olga Briskorn.

Кюрлевский карьер (озеро Донцо)

We're gonna have burgers for lunch on the St. Petersburg Seishelles coast. Lake Donzo is famous for its transparency, aquamarine color of water and white sand. None of this is at all typical of the region. As well as a rare species of orchids, which can be captured in the vicinity of the lake immediately after our lunch.

Кирха Св. Иоанна, дер. Губаницы

A lyrical retreat on our current route is the Lutheran Kirch, which was restored in 1991 and built in the best Estonian traditions. Once upon a time, Finns and Russians lived side by side in the village of Gubanitsa, while Lutherans outnumbered Orthodox Christians. But the Soviet power was equally disgraceful to all religions, so from 1938 the temple served first as a prison, then a sawmill. Only in 1989 the church was finally returned to believers. We train to find the best views of the representative of Gothic architecture.

Усадьба барона Врангеля

We return to the current topic of abandoned estates today. Before us is another old Gothic masterpiece, this time in English. The color scheme in the form of contrasting white drags on the unbuilt walls of red brick is still striking with its boldness. The estate faithfully keeps the tragic story of its caring master George Wrangel. In 1918 rebellious revolutionaries shot Wrangel right in his own house. His wife and children miraculously managed to escape to Petrograd. After the revolution, there was a village school on the estate for a long time. After she moved, the manor was ransacked.

Усадьба Гостилицы

Let's hope that we will be lucky to find a once luxurious estate where the cream of St. Petersburg society flocked to the balls, in the beautiful rays of the setting sun. It is hard to believe, but the Gostelitsa estate is separated from the glossy and polished Peterhof by some 20 with small kilometers. The gentleman's house, famous for its famous owners, from Razumovsky to Karl Siemens, was destroyed by Soviet artillery that hit the enemy during the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad. The palace was no longer restored after that. Curiously, it is still possible to trace the layout of the manor house in Gostelitsy. And despite the ruins, the Trinity Church has been restored here, which is still active today.

GORKI Golf Club Restaurant

We deserve an elegant dinner in an atmospheric space with Scottish accents. And let the panoramic view of the endless golf course be a nice bonus for our cameras. We recommend paying attention to the Finnish ear with hot smoked trout, fried dumplings with sweet chili sauce, stewed beef cheeks.

Day 2: By Kronstadt with a camera

Today the frame shows the "sea" sights of Kronstadt and the summer houses of the resort district of St. Petersburg.

GORKI Golf Club Restaurant

What do you prefer for breakfast? Your choice: buckwheat porridge with prunes and a mix of salted nuts, a crispy Roquefort sandwich with herbs and ham, or homemade cheese cakes with lingonberry recipes from the chef. We'll eat at Kronstadt too!

Gazpromneft filling station #28

It's a great trip, isn't it? And for it to be dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Kronstadt Naval Cathedral (Морской Никольский собор)

The most classic attraction of the port city on the island of Kotlin. It would be a shame to miss it in your lens, even though it's a little outside the scope of our travel program. St. Nicholas Sea Cathedral, built in 1913 in the image of St. Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople, was conceived as a monument to the dead sailors. Under Soviet rule, the cathedral was closed, and in 1930 the domes and crosses were dropped from it, hoisting red flags instead. In 2002, the Cathedral Bell Tower was re-installed with a cross and restoration began in 11 years.

Заброшенный док

And again, the object in our soul is a construction, or rather what is left of it, once considered the embodiment of a genius of engineering thought. Before us is the project of Peter I himself, which was completed 33 years later under Elizabeth Petrovna. According to the author's idea, all the water from the dock in just one day was moved to the pool at a lower level, while in Europe, the discharge of water for the repair of ships took more than a month. Interestingly, the technical system built in the middle of the 18th century operated until 2008. At the moment, the dock is abandoned. Important: According to witnesses, you can get to the territory of the dock through the yard of the house at 5, Kommunisticheskaya St..

Деревянный маяк

Let's take a picture of an unnamed acting lighthouse, which differs from its brethren by the fact that it is made of wood. The light from the lighthouse lantern can be seen up to 30 km away.

Форт «Великий Князь Константин»

The most accessible fort, but it is no less enticing. It is easy to reach by yourself or with a tour, including water. From the fort you can make excellent footage a little less convenient in terms of accessibility of the fort "Alexander I".


We will conclude our acquaintance with Kronstadt at the Old Kotlin restaurant and bar. We recommend you to pay attention to the following items in the menu: tar-tar with baked turnip, potato salad with pickled perch and shiitake mushrooms, duck breast with persimmon and cranberry sauce.

Желтая дача (дача Г.Месмахера)

We will stop at the "haunted house" in the style of pseudo-Gothic, built in 1870 by Maximilian Mesmaher as a gift to his brother George. In spring 2018, the facade of the building partially collapsed. At the moment the dacha is put up for auction, and its further fate is unknown.

Вилла «Айнола»

And the last photo model for today. Once the dacha of St. Petersburg urban planner Nikolai Markovich Salko, which before the revolution of 1917 fell into the ownership of a certain Aino Grandlund, who modestly named it in his honor. During the Winter War of 1939-1940s the villa was an object passing from hand to hand with Finland and Russia. After that it housed a hotel, some time ago administrative institutions, now it seems that the building is empty.

Ресторан «Ель»

We will discuss the impressions at dinner in a picturesque place on the Gulf of Finland. In the center of the restaurant there is an original round fireplace, so regardless of natural phenomena, you and I will be warm and cozy outside the window. We recommend that you pay special attention to meat and fish dishes cooked in the Hosper grill.

Day 3: From selection to Vuoksa

The final day of our journey. We will start with a photo hunt for Trongzund Fortress, finish with shots of St. Andrew's Church in the soft rays of the afternoon sun.

Крепость Тронгзунд (Транзундский редут)

Let's go take pictures of Trongzund Fortress. Since Peter's time it has been rebuilt, armed and disarmed without end. As a result, the fortress has not been used in any war since the 18th century. Trongzund acquired its present appearance in the second half of the XVIII century. It was literally cut down in the coastal Karelian rocks. Important: do not forget the basic safety rules if you decide to look into casemate.

Дом Говинга|

Moving to Vyborg. Here, a five-storey Art Nouveau-style house, or more precisely, a collapsing facade reminiscent of it, deserves our attention. Until the mid 80s it was one of the most remarkable houses in Vyborg. Its interiors were decorated with frescos, oak ceilings and handmade fireplaces. In 1988, the building was relocated for the purpose of major renovation. But perestroika and the severe 90s were also present, and no one needed the architectural monument. The real owner, the construction company, has not yet been able to prosecute.

Самый старый жилой дом в России

Five minutes, and we, according to unofficial reports, have the oldest apartment building in Russia. Curiously, he's still doing his job right to this day.

Костел Святого Гиацинта

In front of us once a school of the Franciscan monastery built in the 16th century. The walls of the school, surprisingly, have been preserved despite repeated reconstructions of the building for various purposes. Since 2003, the Church of St. Hyacinth has served as a site for exhibitions of the Vyborg Castle, and the city authorities still receive letters asking to return the church to the believers.

Black Bull & Bar

It's time for a little refreshment. If the weather allows, we'll do it on the cozy terrace. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages is spectacular. As one can guess from the name, the main accent in the menu is on meat dishes that have rightfully won recognition among the restaurant guests.

Церковь Андрея Первозванного на Вуоксе

We move to the largest and most powerful river on the Karelian Isthmus to personally capture the church, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the only one in the world built on a tiny island. For a long time it was possible to get to the temple only by ferry, but several years ago a massive bridge was built, which is still subject to severe criticism.


We finish our photo journey in a restaurant located on the territory of the equestrian club. The menu really has a huge selection of fish and meat dishes in the author's version of the chef of the restaurant. A whole page of homemade desserts deserves special attention.