Open Air Art: Two Days in Nikola Lenivets Art Park – Day 1

We leave Moscow in the morning and arrive in Nikola-Lenivets Park, the biggest art park in Europe, in the afternoon. We wander there through fields and forests until sunset, climb art objects and don't forget to take pictures.
Open Air Art: Two Days in Nikola Lenivets Art Park
Travel distance by car: 223 km.Travel distance on foot: 3 km.Visiting: Nikola-Lenivets, Moscow, Ivishchi

Trip duration: 2 days

Marina Selivanova

Hyundai Elantra


You can buy entrance tickets to the art park at the ticket office. There is also a Selpo facility nearby. It is also worth picking up a map of the park to find the objects scattered around the vast area. Nikolay Polissky has turned the ruins of the former shop into a total sculpture: the concrete walls are covered with an intricate texture of wooden blocks, reminiscent of a lost temple of an ancient civilization.

Belyye Vorota

Almost immediately after entering, you can stop and look at the White Gate. The arch from antiquity itself is a symbol of the triumph of victory. The artist fills the form with new meanings through the choice of material.

Угра Кафе


Cozy cafe Ugra in the park is open every day from 8:30 to 20:30. The best option for lunch, dinner and breakfast if you didn't take food with you.

Lazy Ziggurat

The Lazy Ziggurat is an attempt to grow volume from cages of "cubes" by following only the rules of chopping.

Удаленный офис


A remote office is a kind of a mean between the ivory tower of a western architect working in his ultra-modern studio and the hut of a hermit in the middle of nowhere, pondering the fate of the world and sending the fruits of his findings over the Internet.

Ротонда Бродского

Public Art

The rotunda is a small house in the middle of a field.

Arch Bernasconi

The arch is an architectural and spatial study, it stands at the border of the forest and the field.

Угра Кафе


Dinner in a cafe, unless you bring a charcoal grill and kebab.


Outdoor Sculptures

The park has many different accommodation options in any season. Reservations can be made online at [official website](