On the route of the Moscow-Siberian Railway. – Day 1: Along the Irtysh River

Today you will visit several villages that appeared along the Irtysh River back in the XVIII century. You will learn how and why they were formed and what is connected to the Moscow-Siberian road and exiles of people to Siberia.
On the route of the Moscow-Siberian Railway.
Travel distance by car: 307 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Tara, Bol'sherech'ye, Solnechnyy, Sargatskoye, Starokarasuk, Omsk

Trip duration: 2 days

Anna Arkhipova


When leaving the city, be sure to dress warmly, as well as take food and hot tea just in case.

Gazpromneft filling station #32

Let's hit the road! To feel more confident on the road, come to the filling station "Gazpromneft" - refuel with quality fuel to full, inflate the tires, fill the washbasin and take coffee with healthy snacks! Cool emotions from the trip!

Sargat museum of local history

A small museum in the working village will tell you about the life of this region, as well as about Sargat culture. It originated from a burial site found near the village, which brought archaeologists here to study Saranian antiquities. Working hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:45, lunch break from 1:00 to 2:00, Saturday 10:00 to 3:00.


This is an old Siberian village, which emerged in 1699 as a settlement where people from central Russia were exiled. The increase in the number of houses and the growth of the settlement was facilitated by the Moscow-Siberian road, laid in 1763. Since then, a unique building has been preserved in the village - a house of five, built about 200 years ago. It is considered to be the same age as the house of Peter the Great, which is located in St. Petersburg.


This cafe will delight you with delicious and inexpensive food, especially recommended meat dishes.

Batakovo National Archaeological Natural Park

Batakovo tract is a natural and archaeological park on the left bank of the Irtysh River. There are many archeological monuments of different epochs.

Museum-Reserve "Old Siberian"

This is a unique open-air museum that will introduce you to the history, culture, crafts, archaeology and nature of the Omsk region. You can learn more about the museum and its rules [on the official website](https://starinasib.ru). Weekend: Monday.

Metelitsa Café

Dinner is at this small but cozy cafe. The locals advise you to try soups. Afterwards you can take a walk around the city, but the main attractions we will visit in the morning as they are closed now.


The first day of our journey has come to an end. I hope you found it interesting and learned a lot about life in Omsk region. Hotel can be booked [here](https://www.booking.com/hotel/ru/gostinitsa-tarskaia.ru.html?help=397594;label=gog235jc-1DCAEoggI46AdIIVgDaMIBiAEBmAEhuAEHyAEN2AED6AEB-AECiAIBqAIDuALGy6b8BcACAdICJDcxNjFlY2Q3LTI5YmItNGI2My1iZjBhLWMzODM0Y2VjZjlkYdgCBOACAQ;sid=c9fffde7f7cd5d8efbcda3c21a6e2291;atlas_src=sr_iw_btn;dest_id=14263;dest_type=region;dist=0;group_adults=2;group_children=0;no_rooms=1;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;type=total;ucfs=1&).