Active day off near Samara – Day 1: Slides, huskies and shooting

In the morning - to the shooting club to learn how to shoot. Then a visit to the huskies, and in the afternoon to a ski resort.
Active day off near Samara
Travel distance by car: 254 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Samara, Klimovka, Tolyatti, Zelenovka, Yablon'ka

Trip duration: 1 day

Anna Semochkina


Gazpromneft filling station #118

All right, guys, let's go, shall we? Before the start, we recommend filling up with quality fuel at Gazpromneft's filling stations. You can pay for fueling quickly and contactlessly in the application. [App Store]( [Google Play](

Ловчий плюс

Hunting Supplies

Shooting complex "Lovchy Plus" is located in a picturesque place. Here you will be able to shoot with more than 20 types of weapons. It is necessary to sign up [in advance](

Husky Village Silver of the North.

The area of the village is designed in the style of the pioneers of the northern lands based on the favorite books of Jack London. We've probably all read his books, such as White Fang and The Call of the Ancestors. And now you can immerse yourself in these works not in faraway Alaska, but very close to home - in the village "Silver North". Here you can pet huskies, take pictures, ride a sled through the winter forest, be sure to choose a program and book it on [website]( of the village in advance.

Восьмая миля

BBQ Joints

Well half way back is lunch at a cozy restaurant.

The ski resort SOK, p. Krasnaya Glinka

Before returning home - sport! Plenty of trails for different levels of skiing. Don't have your own equipment or don't want to carry it with you in the car? You are welcome to rent one. If you do not know how, but really want to roll - take an instructor. For small guests there is tubing hill.