Old and New Ladoga – Day 1: To the first capital of Russia.

Today we will go to the Old and New Ladoga, where a rich program awaits us. In the first half of the day we will visit the Old Ladoga Fortress, picturesque Gorchakovschinsky waterfall, Nikolsky monastery and have lunch in a Russian restaurant with a real stove. And in the afternoon we will go to the mounds of Prophetic Oleg, visit the place where he is buried, then visit the monument of the Ladoga military flotilla and have dinner in a cafe of Russian cuisine.
 Old and New Ladoga
Travel distance by car: 293 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Staraya Ladoga, Novaya Ladoga, Saint Petersburg, Shlissel'burg, Issad

Trip duration: 1 day

Eugenia Laputina

Saint Petersburg

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Old Ladoga castle (Староладожская крепость)


The first point of our trip will be the main attraction of the Old Ladoga. The fortress is located along the bank of the Volkhov River. Entering the fortress, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the past and feel how and what lived in these places. On the territory you can also visit museums: historical and local history, see two temples. The fortress is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00. Entrance to the territory of the fortress for adults costs 50 rubles, and for children under 16 years is free. Museums are paid separately.

Горчаковщинский Водопад


I suggest visiting a very picturesque place. Gorchakovshchinsky waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Leningrad region. Its height is about 5 meters. Here you get great pictures! Getting to the waterfall is better with rubber shoes.

Никольский Мужской Монастырь


We'll visit one of the oldest monasteries - the Old Ladoga Nikolsky Monastery. It was founded by Alexander Nevsky in 1240 after the victory over Swedes in the Battle of Neva. The monastery was dedicated to Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Старая ладога


It's lunchtime. The interior of the cafe is decorated in Russian style with a real Russian stove. Here you can taste delicious borscht, dumplings, cheesecakes and much more! Cozy atmosphere and polite staff will allow you to have a good rest and enjoy the dishes!

Курганы Вещего Олега

Historic Sites

We will visit a mysterious place full of legends and legends. There is a legend that the mound connects to the Old Ladoga caves and that there is a secret passage leading to the Old Ladoga fortress and monasteries. From here you can enjoy stunning views of the Old Ladoga surroundings: fields and the Volkhov River.

Олегова могила

Historic Sites

Let's go to another historical site. According to the ancient Novgorod chronicle, it was here, on the highest mound, that Prince Oleg the Prophetic was buried.

Памятник Ладожской военной флотилии

Monuments / Landmarks

We'll stop by the monument. The monument is a neutral ship. During the war years, the ship participated in various operations of the Ladoga Military Flotilla. Anyone can go up on deck, see the machine gun.

Кафе Городской Парк


Our journey is gradually coming to an end. For dinner, we'll go to New Ladoga in a cafe. The menu offers dishes of Russian cuisine. It serves large and very hearty portions at affordable prices! Bon appetit!

Saint Petersburg