North-Western Territory of the Leningrad Region – Day 3: Gulf of Finland coastline

Today is the final day of the road trip, and it will be no less active than the previous two. First you will get to know the historic site of Trongzund, then you will see the famous Kirch of St. Mary Magdalene and make a stop in nature. The afternoon will take place in the rope park, where you will have the opportunity to test your sports skills.
North-Western Territory of the Leningrad Region
Travel distance by car: 226 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Vyborg, Saint Petersburg, Zelenogorsk, Ozerki, Ozerki, Roshchino, Vysotsk, Primorsk

Trip duration: 3 days

Volkswagen Caddy

Крепость Тронгзунд (Транзундский редут)

Historic Sites

This place can be described as follows: some village, somewhere on an island towards Vyborg in the Gulf of Finland. Not a single active route passes by the city, no guides with popular excursions go here, the population of the town is just over 1000 people, but it is there that Trongzund Fortress is located, the construction of which was begun under Peter the Great. Now it is a ruin in which it is difficult to know a part of once grandiose sea fortifications of the Vyborg Bay.

Кирха Святой Марии Магдалины


This is a former Lutheran church, designed by Josef Stenbeck. The direction of architecture is Finnish, northern romanticism. The building of the church is shaped like a cross. Its length is 37 meters, width 28 meters, height of the spire 60 meters. The outer walls are made of local granite rocks with a reddish-brown tint, the inner walls are made of brick.

Ресторан "МореШаль"


A nice and cozy restaurant will be happy to meet you and feed you. If the weather allows, be sure to sit outside, there are beautiful views.

Мыс Стирсудден

Other Great Outdoors

Find here a functioning lighthouse, which is still a reference point for ships and steamers, and appreciate the beautiful views of the coastal areas.

Веревочный парк «Город мечты»

Rock Climbing Spots

It's time to stretch out and move before a well-deserved dinner. The rope park will be an interesting and fun test of your physical abilities. Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00 daily You can make an appointment in advance by contacting the official [site](

Barbeque & Беседки


Dinner at the restaurant will be "cherry on cake" of this three-day trip. Be sure to sit on the veranda and catch the rays of today's sun!

Saint Petersburg