Mysterious places in the Chelyabinsk region – Day 1: On the way to Kyshtym.

Our journey will begin with an immersion in the life of ancient people who worshiped spirits, communicated with them through shamans and made all kinds of rites and sacrifices. Then we will find ourselves in Ural Bali, visit a unique marble cave, climb the mysterious mountain of Sugomak. And our day will end in "winter" town Kyshtym ("kyshky" means "winter" in Bashkir).
Mysterious places in the Chelyabinsk region
Travel distance by car: 246 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Arakul', Kyshtym, Kanifol'nyy, Tyubuk, Sultayeva, Chelyabinsk

Trip duration: 2 days

Anna Arkhipova


There are stops on the route, but don't forget to bring food, water or a thermos with tea in your car just in case. For a better view of the caves, take flashlights with you, and dress warmer to walk with pleasure.

Gazpromneft filling station #234

So, guys, let's go, shall we? Just to avoid surprises on the way, refuel with quality fuel to the full, pump up the tires, fill the washbasin and get coffee with healthy snacks! Cool emotions from the trip!

Большие Аллаки


Large stone tents, or the altar of Allaki is an amazing archaeological monument. Previously there was a sanctuary of ancient people, here they made sacrifices to their gods, and also left many drawings on the bizarre rocks, one of which even resembles a human face!

Каолиновый карьер


This place is also called Ural Bali, for its azure water color and white sand. Only such design gives to this place kaolin - a kind of white clay, which was extracted here before the lake formation. In summer tourists make small sculptures out of clay, but it is not recommended to swim in the lake, because there are many dangerous chemical elements in the water. In winter, the water in the lake freezes but does not lose its unique color and continues to delight its guests.


It's time for lunch, this restaurant will delight you with large and delicious homemade dishes.

Sugomak Cave

The car can be left near a cave or in a small area near a shield with a description of the object. Now we are located on the territory of the territorial and natural complex Sugomak, which includes three objects: Lake Sugomak, Mount Sugomak and the Sugomak cave. The Sugomak cave is the only cave in the Urals that was formed in marble. Its length is about 123 meters, and it consists of 3 large grottos. We advise to visit only the first of them, as it is rather difficult to get to the others.

Lesnoye Pomestie

Church of the Coming of the Holy Spirit

On the way to the city center, pay attention to the Church of the Descent - the oldest building in Kyshtym, and the first architectural and cult building in the village.

Demidovs Estate

This estate, as well as the two mountains mentioned earlier, are depicted on the coat of arms and flag of Kyshtym and is one of the main attractions. Both the Temple of the Coming of the Spirit and the mansion are currently under reconstruction, so you can only admire them from the outside.

Lesnoye Pomestie

Check in at the recreation base, then go back to Kyshtym for dinner.


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Lesnoye Pomestie

Today you spend the night not far from the small town of Kyshtym, which was founded by the Demidov dynasty in 1757. And in 1966 an interesting event happened here, about which we advise you to read by searching the Internet for information about the Kyshtym Dwarf. Tomorrow not less interesting part of the route waits for you, so have a rest and gain strength. Good night!