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Meeting with wild and domestic animals in the suburbs of St. Petersburg

Road Trip Route. Zubrovnik, Chicken Riaba Farm, Ruthenie Equestrian Academy.

During the day you will visit three places where different animals live: a bison house, a farm and a stable. You will be able to see live all kinds of animals, both wild and domesticated, stroke some of them. I am sure you will learn a lot of new and interesting facts about animals, perhaps you will see someone for the first time. Spread out your life and take a day trip with your children, family and loved ones. Good emotions and experiences are guaranteed.

Animals and Farms. From: Saint Petersburg

Tatiana Mumleva. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Visit and acquaintance with animals' habitats.

You will visit the farm "Chicken Ryaba", Zubrovnik and the Equestrian Academy "Rutenia".

Saint Petersburg

We leave St. Petersburg for a fascinating day trip.


On the way, we stop for breakfast at the Israeli café Babaganoush. It is a place where you can eat or snack quickly and nourish yourself. Then we go to the farm.

Курочка Ряба

Be sure to visit Chicken Riaba Farm. The farm is home to trained animals, rodents, birds, ungulates. There is a garden and park zone. *Working hours: 10:30-18:00. Monday is a day off.


Then we'll visit Zubrovnik. It is only 15 km away from the city. It is a park of family recreation and ecological tourism, as well as a modern contact zoo. *It works daily from 10:00 to 19:00.


We're dropping by for lunch at the grill bar "Guests". It is a cozy restaurant with a terrace, the hallmark of which is considered a delicious and juicy kebab, as well as salad "Caesar". After a hearty lunch we go to the stables.

Конная Академия "Рутения"

In Rutheniya Horse Riding Academy there is a riding school, as well as a recreation area for adults and children. Spend time with your family in the countryside. *It works daily from 10:00 to 18:00.


We're dropping by the Drying Sushi Bar for dinner. In the bar there are often promotions and discounts. Then we go home.

Saint Petersburg

After such a busy day, positive emotions and vivid impressions remain. I am sure you spent an unforgettable time with your family and learned a lot.