Medicine for boredom: tour for active in the Sverdlovsk region – Day 4: Novoutkinskaya cave, Galkinsky quarry, Teplaya mountain, Kabalinskie springs

On the last day of the mini-journey you can explore the Novoutkinska cave, have a rest on the shore of Galka quarry in Bilimbai, break a picnic on Mount Teplaya. An excellent end of the trip will be a visit to the Kabalin Springs in Revda and a beautiful dinner at one of the best restaurants in Yekaterinburg.
Medicine for boredom: tour for active in the Sverdlovsk region
Travel distance by car: 127 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Yekaterinburg, Sloboda, Bilimbay, Novoalekseyevskoye, Revda, Novoutkinsk, Yuzhnyy

Trip duration: 4 days


Utkinskaya (Novoutkinskaya) Cave

Utkinsk cave of karst origin was formed in limestone rocks. The entrance height is 3 meters. The cave has two grottoes - large and small. In the big grotto there is a huge block of limestone hanging from the ceiling. Maybe, it is not the most amazing cave in the Urals, but it is worth to look here for half an hour.

Galka quarry

Galkinka quarry on the southern outskirts of Bilimbai village is a favorite recreation place among locals. During the war, dolomites were mined in these places. Before the war, limestone was dug in the Sukhorechensky quarry (it is located to the west of Bilimbai), but due to lack of horses and vehicles it was necessary to mine the quarry closer to the railway station. Dolomite was extracted at Galka open pit until 2013. They say that his owner went bankrupt and the case had to be covered up. The quarry quickly filled with ground water and turned into a picturesque lake with turquoise water, where it is so pleasant to relax on a clear day. And if it's bad weather outside, you can wait for the rain in the Holy Trinity Church of Bilimbaia. The church is known for its Corinthian cast iron capitals of columns, which are unique even to the Urals, and valuable ancient icons.

Kabalinskoe springs

Now let's take a look at Revda. Kabala springs - four springs in the southwestern part of the city. It's a wonderful place to take a walk, get some fresh air, feed squirrels.

Sushi Fresh

It's time for a refreshment! Let's visit the most beloved local cafe "Sushi Fresh". The dishes on the menu justify the name - sushi and rolls are great here! If you don't like Asian food, try the pizza on a crispy pastry. And there's also a great selection of coffee!

КСК Алькор-Хорс


The culmination of the day - a visit to an equestrian sports club. Here you can take a riding lesson or go on a quiet horseback riding in the surrounding area accompanied by an instructor. And after that you can have a photo session with beautiful horses. Please note that access to the class is by prior request only. Contact numbers can be found on [club's website](

Park Inn by Radisson

We recommend ending your trip in the Park Inn by Radisson's Onegin Restaurant. This is the case when it is delicious, beautiful and hearty. ** By the way, this hotel has a discount on accommodation for Mastercard cardholders. Book a room on a special page at [Radisson Hotels]( **, pay for it with a Mastercard premium card and get a 15% discount, as well as the possibility of early arrival and late departure. [Full promotion rules](**