Medicine for boredom: tour for active in the Sverdlovsk region – Day 3: Rest on the camp and admire the stars

The third day of the trip you will spend in the countryside. You can talk about the beauty of Chusovaya River banks forever, but it's better to see them yourself. In the evening you can go to the Kourov astronomical observatory to learn about stars and admire the constellations in telescopes.
Medicine for boredom: tour for active in the Sverdlovsk region
Visiting: Sloboda, Novoutkinsk

Trip duration: 4 days


Chusovaya Camp

The third day of the trip will be spent at [Chusovaya tourist base]( Here you will be offered a bunch of entertainment that perfectly fits in a short trip. You can go on auto hiking tours in the surroundings, take a horse ride, ride snowmobiles or ATVs, or visit a small museum dedicated to the history of the base. There are also three baths, an outdoor heated all year round pool, a salt room and a spa.

Chusovaya" tourist base cafe

You can have lunch and dinner here, too. In the menu: fleshy daily cabbage soup with a glass of ice vodka, beer okroshka, Russian pike-perch, staple with mushrooms and so on. There is a separate menu with dishes to order and a complex menu. You can book a meal by calling 8 922-037-87-66.

Kourov Astronomical Observatory

After dinner it's time to go to the Kourov astronomical observatory. Established in 1965, it is the easternmost observatory in Europe and the most important scientific center. The observatory offers tours for tourist groups and individual visitors. It is important to understand that excursions are not entertaining, but informative. Tours are daytime (150 rubles) and evening (300 rubles), duration 1.5-2 hours. The program includes a story about the observatory, a lecture on astronomy with slides, visiting telescopes and admiring the stars (if the weather is clear). You can sign up for the tour only by prior arrangement by phone +7 953 820 5163.

Park-Hotel Chusovaya

After an incredibly rich adventure is worth a good rest, so hurry up to the hotel! Next day's breakfast is recommended here, because ahead of it is a trip to protected areas of wildlife, where it is not easy to find a good cafe.