Medicine for boredom: tour for active in the Sverdlovsk region – Day 2: Deer Streams Nature Park - the edge of rocky cliffs and clear rivers.

The second day of the trip is dedicated to the Deer Streams Nature Park. The beauty of these places will impress anyone, and also will help to realize more deeply how diverse and picturesque the nature of the Urals is. Closer to the evening we will try to get to the mysterious Didinsky Tunnel - this place will interest people interested in urbanism and speleology.
Medicine for boredom: tour for active in the Sverdlovsk region
Travel distance by car: 194 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Sloboda, Pervoural'sk, Bazhukovo, Novoutkinsk, Didino

Trip duration: 4 days


Оленьи Ручьи

Nature Preserves

The reserve ["Deer Streams"]( is 12 thousand hectares of untouched nature of the Middle Urals. Karst formations, forest-steppe and taiga, rocky shores of Sergi - it is impossible to see everything in one day, but still the most picturesque places can be seen. You can move through the park by equipped routes - the entrance costs 250 rubles (children under 18 years - free of charge). The administration also offers five options for excursions lasting 3-7 hours and costing 3000-4500 rubles. Meals during such excursions are not provided, so it is worth taking sandwiches, thermos with tea, cookies in backpacks.

Café "Forest Cuisine"

After the tour you can have lunch in the cafe "Forest Cuisine": it serves mainly organized groups of tourists, but the administrators will not refuse individual travelers. To call on the organization of catering, schedule of work of cafe and rent by phone: +7(950)207-44-41 - Alla, +7(908)911-88-36 Elena.

Park-Hotel Chusovaya

Didinskiy tunnel

The kilometer-long Didinski Tunnel was cut in 1918 and used for 77 years. In the winter of 1995 another railway line was laid nearby. Gradually the tunnel fell into disrepair, so that the rails and other infrastructure were dismantled. The Didinskiy tunnel is a kind of natural anomaly: in winter water stands inside, but in summer and up to October icicles and ice. The object was declared emergency: sometimes stone blocks fall from the ceiling, inside and outside at the entrance there are wells where it is easy to fall down. That's why those who dared to explore this landmark need to be extremely attentive, bring flashlights and comfortable shoes (rubber boots). There are many legends associated with this tunnel. For example, the myth about the treasures buried in these parts by soldiers of the white army. It is also said that the ghost of the chief engineer, who miscalculated and killed himself, wanders through the tunnel. It's harder to get to the tunnel in winter. To avoid getting stuck, tourists prefer to leave their cars at the turn at the 303rd kilometer of R-242 and the rest of the way on foot (5-10 minutes walk).

Chusovaya" tourist base cafe

You can have dinner at the Chusovaya base restaurant. Cafe Barka serves Russian and European cuisine, and has a billiards and bar. Banquet halls for 10-300 people can celebrate a personal holiday.

Park-Hotel Chusovaya

After dinner, you can go straight to the hotel. After a long walk in the open air sleep will be strong and healthy. Tomorrow morning breakfast can be enjoyed directly in the hotel restaurant.