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Living history of Siberia

Road Trip Route. To see "Siberian Kizhi", Visit the museum-reserve "Tomskaya writer", Walk along the bank of the Tom River., Learn about tulberry life..

Journey - dive into history, in the morning you will visit a unique wooden temple, which is unofficially called "Siberian Kizhi", then go to the open-air museum-reserve, which is known for rock paintings of ancient people, an ancient sanctuary "Tomsk scribe" and just a unique nature, and finally find yourself in Tulbersky town - reconstructed fortress, built on the site of archaeological excavations. It's going to be a long and busy day! So take your cameras with you and be sure to have a good mood!

History and Culture, 🎅 Winter Trips. From: Novosibirsk

Yana Levchuk. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: In the footsteps of the ancestors.

"People who do not know their past, have no future" - M. Lomonosov. Today our journey will be dedicated to people who lived in completely different epochs, but who managed to leave their mark on this land in the form of rock paintings and ancient traditions. Touch the rocks of the Tom River banks, feel the peace in the wooden temple and walk around the reconstructed fortress.


Good morning! There is a beautiful and long day ahead of you, so be sure to have a good breakfast and a cup of invigorating coffee.

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The first stop is the so-called "Siberian Kizhi" - a wooden temple in the village of Turnaevo. It is believed that the temple in honor of Seraphim Sarovsky was also built without a single nail, in addition, local people claim that the wood during construction was fastened with a special egg solution. Be sure to look at the temple close - it is decorated with a very beautiful carving.

Томская Писаница

Welcome to the incredibly sacred place where for four thousand years people have been coming and praying to the highest forces, leaving intricate drawings on the rocks along the Tom River. The reserve has an incredible energy, perhaps that's why ancient people chose it to appeal to the deity. Leave your car in the parking lot, follow the hiking trail and enjoy the most beautiful views of the mighty rocks and the Tom River. Please note: in winter the reserve changes its mode of operation, you can visit it from Wednesday to Sunday.

Tserkov' Kirilla I Mefodiya

The Orthodox church on the territory of the reserve is located in an incredibly picturesque place. Nearby there is an observation deck overlooking the natural treasures and an open bell tower. With the blessing of the church minister you can ring the bells.

Cafe Masha and the Bear.

The cafe is located on the territory of the museum-reserve. We advise you to taste the delicious traditional pilaf and fragrant shish kebab. There are wooden rocking horses for kids on the cafe's territory.

Tyulbersky town

Tulbers are an ancient Turkic-speaking people living in Siberia centuries ago. In the open-air museum you can see residential buildings, a megalithic altar and a fortress-ostrog, surrounded by a real moat. To truly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity, be sure to take a tour, you can do it at [site]( Please note the museum is closed on Mondays.

Cranes Café

Let's go to dinner. There are a lot of small cafes nearby, there's a lot to choose from. Cafe "Cranes" tasty kebab, a good choice of salads and side dishes. Nourishing and quite inexpensive.


A long day has come to an end. We hope you enjoyed our route!