Legends of the Kaliningrad region – Day 3: Medieval ruins

Be sure to wear sportswear and shoes, as today you will be a researcher of dilapidated Forts, which are on guard and literally surround Kaliningrad. In addition, you will see Prussian monuments of architecture - Kirch and medieval castles.
Legends of the Kaliningrad region
Travel distance by car: 57 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kaliningrad, Orlovka, Mel'nikovo

Trip duration: 3 days


Kirche Rudau (кирха Рудау)


The Kirch was built from the remains of a castle that stood there. The building rises above the adjacent playground and a mud pond covered with mud, which used to be a castle pond. Bypassing the building, you will find ancient mossy tombstones with inscriptions in German.



Nesselbek is an entertainment complex, located in the village of Orlovka. It is built of red bricks, stylized as medieval castles. The interesting begins near the castle - funny statues of two skeletons in love, a moat with large fish and much more. Beer lovers can delight themselves with a Kraft foam drink at the local brewery, and if this seems to be insufficient, visit a real beer [spa](http://nesselbeck.ru/spa_v_kaliningrade/)! If you dreamed of owning a knight's sword, at least in miniature, be sure to visit the souvenir shop located in the same building as the restaurant.

Музей пыток

History Museums

This museum has created a terrifying, yet appealing atmosphere. You'll discover how subtle and painful medieval punishments were, and see the inventions that make hair stand up.

Ресторан «Усадьба»

Modern European Restaurants

Dine at a pleasant restaurant located in a picturesque forest land. Decent dishes and beautiful service. Pay attention to the desserts, visitors recommend tasting poppy cake and strudel.

Форт № 3 «Король Фридрих Вильгельм I»

Historic Sites

The fort is the largest defensive structure, has the shape of an elongated hexagon measuring 360 by 180 meters and is surrounded by a dry moat. The two-storey central building once housed barracks, infirmary, kitchen, canteen, ammunition, food, equipment and fuel depots, guardhouse, boiler room, workshops and auxiliary facilities. The fort is beautifully preserved and open to the public.

Форт №5 — Король Фридрих-Вильгельм III

Historic Sites

Fort No. 5 is "hidden" in a small forest, a few steps from the old highway to Svetlogorsk. The time of building the fort is the end of XIX century. It is a hexagonal structure made of concrete and bricks. It is surrounded by a moat with water. There were trenches for artillery guns in the earthen shaft. Back in the Soviet years, a memorial complex was built here, and a museum was opened in the casemates of the fortress.

Radisson Blu

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