Legends of the Kaliningrad region – Day 2: History of the Baltics

This day will begin with the Baltic city of Zelenogradsk. It is a former royal resort, built up with numerous preserved pensions and sanatoriums, hotels and fashionable private houses. It is an ideal place for family holidays. In the afternoon you will visit the ruins of the Povunden Kirch and the medieval castle of Schaaken, where you will get to know the life and spirit of the Knights.
Legends of the Kaliningrad region
Travel distance by car: 74 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad, Zelenogradsk, Nekrasovo, Lazovskoye, Khrabrovo

Trip duration: 3 days


Городская Площадь


Start your acquaintance with Zelenogradsky with his business card - the city square. Explore ancient buildings and pamper yourself with a cup of coffee in one of the small local coffee shops.

Парк Королевы Луизы


It is believed that the first tree in the park was planted by King Frederick Wilhelm IV of Prussia during a visit to the city in 1843 as a tribute to his mother, Queen Louise. The tree grows in the park to this day and to make it easier for tourists to find it, a memorial sign is placed next to it.

Водонапорная Башня

Monuments / Landmarks

Another water tower that has become a symbol of the city. Also known as the Krantz Tower - this is how Zelenogradsk was called until 1946. At eleven o'clock in the morning, an observation deck opens at the top level of the tower to reach it, no need to walk up the ornate stairs - inside there is an elevator.

Домик ангелов


The House of Angels is a private art collection that includes more than 1500 exhibits, among which you will see futuristic installations, street sculptures, made in a single copy of a statuette and soft handmade toys.

Celinburg Guest House

Домик в деревне


For lunch we recommend visiting the restaurant complex "Village House". In fact, it is a whole yard with fabulous houses, fountains and a mill - a great location for a small photo shoot.

Повунденская кирха / Kirche Powunden

Historic Sites

The Church of St. Barbara was built in Povunden in 1324. In 1862 the building was significantly expanded, a tower with a spire was added, and in 1882-1883 an organ was installed. Today only a small part of the former splendor is preserved, but even walking through the ruins one can feel the energy of this place.

Schaaken (Замок Шаакен)


The atmosphere of the castle disposes to knightly activities: walking around the historical part, fitting up various medieval costumes, contemplation of the real tournament, overcoming the rope stairs, archery, throwing spears. Nearby is the cheese factory, where you can see the equipment in operation and the stored cheese maturation heads. You can buy various types of cheese in the shop. There is also a large selection of locally made chocolate, marzipan, sweets for every taste and color. Monday's a day off.

Guest House Restaurant Zelinburg

The restaurant offers homemade dishes with elements of Bavarian, Italian and oriental cuisine. All dishes are made on site according to original recipes. Selection of meat delicacies and Bavarian beer will please gourmets.

Celinburg Guest House

The day was full of impressions and events. Look at the pictures, discuss the impressions before you go to sleep and fall asleep.