Journey through national parks of Chelyabinsk region – Day 1: The outskirts of the city of Kyshtym

Our journey will begin near the town of Kyshtym. Here we will look into a marble cave, visit an abandoned mica mine and climb the rock of the Dragon Wings. And after the walk we will pass through Karabash city and will find ourselves in Miass on the bank of "Ural Baikal" - Turgoyak lake.
Journey through national parks of Chelyabinsk region
Travel distance by car: 228 km.Travel distance on foot: 13 km.Visiting: Miass, Beloye Ozero, Kanifol'nyy, Turgoyak, Karabash, Kasargi, Chelyabinsk, Slyudorudnik

Trip duration: 3 days

Anna Arkhipova


There are stops on the route, but when you are going on a trip, don't forget to bring food, water or a thermos with tea in your car just in case. Also before your trip, don't forget to choose the route and book tickets to Taganay National Park in advance, you can do it using the links below. For a better view of the caves, take flashlights with you, and dress warmer to walk with pleasure.

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Sugomak Cave

The car can be left near a cave or in a small area near a shield with a description of the object. Now we are located on the territory of the territorial and natural complex Sugomak, which includes three objects: Lake Sugomak, Mount Sugomak and the Sugomak cave. The Sugomak cave is the only cave in the Urals that was formed in marble. Its length is about 123 meters, and it consists of 3 large grottos. It is worth to visit only the first of them, as it is rather difficult to get to the rest.

Mica mine

In XIX century gold mines worked in these places. And in the 1870s, mica was found here. The discovered deposit was named Slyudyanogorsk Muscovite deposit. Now Mica Mine attracts many fans of active recreation. At present, underground excavations that are accessible for visitors are preserved here. Thanks to the conservation of the mine in 1961, they are quite well preserved. In memory of visiting these places you can take pieces of mica. It's all over the place.


To get to the parking place from which it is more convenient to get to the Stone Gate, you should take a gravel road leading to the village Bolshiye Yegusty, which you passed on the way to Slyudorudnik. After three kilometres turn right on the gravel road (you can leave the car on the roadside here). **If the road is heavily covered with snow it is better not to risk and do not go further. You can walk or skip this place altogether, depending on how you estimate your strength.


After this turn, you can leave the car on the side of the road. The way on the dirt road is not difficult, but there are quite a few forks. It is important not to lose your way, so you can see the exact route for climbing [on this site](

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Stone Gate (Dragon Wings)

Only go camping if it's not too cold outside and you're confident in your abilities. This cliff has many names: Wings of the Dragon, Dragon, Devil's Gate, Stone Gate, you can choose the name you like best! The main feature of the cliff is an oval-shaped through hole, which was formed as a result of the weathering of rocks. Unfortunately, over time, the hole will expand, and as a result, the remnant will collapse, leaving only pictures of inquisitive tourists as a memento.


We go back to the car and go to dinner.

Cafe "Friday"

Our journey for the day is not over yet. Now we will go to the town of Miass, and on the way we will stop in Karabash.


Garabash (which means "black head" in Tatar) appeared in 1822 after discovery of gold placers on the place of ancient Tatar settlement. At the beginning of XX century copper mining started in Garabash, and after several decades of copper mining and smelting the ecology here deteriorated. However, we will not stop near the mining plant. Passing through the city, we can see Poklonnaya Mountain on the left. On the slope of the mountain there is a white stone inscription "Save and Preserve" and above it there is an iron cross.

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German Restaurants

If you want to have another snack, you can stay in this restaurant, try German dishes or just have a cup of tea.

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It's been a busy day, and now it's time to rest before tomorrow's trip to Taganay National Park.