In the wake of the history of the Russian Riviera. – Day 2: Krasnopolyansk Dolmens, Estonian Classics Museum, Monastery and Psakho Canyon

The final day of the trip, but no less cognitive and interesting. Today you will learn more about life in the Estonian community and visit the main attraction of Krasnaya Polyana. Approaching Adler, you will turn to another picturesque place of Sochi - Psakho Canyon.
In the wake of the history of the Russian Riviera.
Travel distance by car: 79 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Estosadok, Vysokoye, Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, Lesnoye

Trip duration: 2 days



Breakfast Spots

Have breakfast in an atmospheric restaurant in the mountains. Here you will be served "Super Breakfast", which means a buffet with a wide selection of dishes from different culinary directions.

Dom-Muzey Tammsaare

Visit the House Museum of Classics of Estonian Literature of the 20th century, author of the novel and epic "Truth and Justice". Anton Tammsaare moved to the mountains in 1912 to be treated for tuberculosis. He liked the life and culture of the local people very much, he watched everything closely, and wrote his observations in the newspaper in his homeland. Here Tammsaare wrote his famous works: "The Boy and the Butterfly", "Player on the Cannel". In the museum you can learn more about the life of the Estonian community, visit the writer's office, see national musical instruments and perhaps hear local Estonian songs.



Krasnopolyansk dolmens are located in a stunning place with beautiful views, in the gorge of the river Beshenka, at the foot of Mount Achishkho. By the way, the mountain itself is also quite a popular tourist attraction. Dolmens are located on the territory of the Sochi National Park and are a cultural heritage site. Dolmens themselves belong to the III-II millennium BC.


Modern European Restaurants

After an outdoor walk, have lunch at Dynasty Restaurant. Better sit on the veranda overlooking the Achishkho mountain range. The restaurant serves Italian and French cuisine.

Троице-Георгиевский женский монастырь


The monastery is located in the village of Lesnoe, 20 km from Adler. The construction of the monastery dates back to 1999, and there are many temples on its territory that are interesting for their architectural features. It is interesting that all the temples were designed by only one architect - F.I. Afuksenidi. Also be sure to visit the bread shop here and try fresh baked goods.

Каньон Псахо


Picturesque place, which is located in the Sochi National Park. The canyon appeared as a result of the earth's surface fracture several million years ago and is divided into two parts: a wet canyon and a dry canyon.


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