In the wake of the history of the Russian Riviera. – Day 1: Stalin's dacha and mysteries of Akhshtyrska cave

What is the Black Sea coast all about? Deep in the mountains of Khostinsky district is hidden Stalin's favorite summer cottage, where he met with very reputable people and where he simply came to rest. And on the way to Krasnaya Polyana there are two more curious places: a Byzantine temple and a parking lot for ancient people.
In the wake of the history of the Russian Riviera.
Travel distance by car: 125 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Sochi, Estosadok, Vysokoye, Adler, Kazachiy Brod

Trip duration: 2 days



Cafe Brigantina

French Restaurants

The best way to start your journey is with a cozy Mediterranean cafe overlooking the water area. There is a varied menu, a wide choice of seafood dishes, pizza, fresh pastries, which are sure to be tasted. The cafe is waiting for guests from 8 am every day!

Stalin's Villa (Дача Сталина / Stalin's Villa)

Historic Sites

One of the main attractions of Sochi and one of the favorite summer houses Stalin. In total, he had 20 personal country residences. The place for the construction of Stalin chose by himself. The house project was created by the personal architect of Stalin Myron Merzhanov. The dacha is always welcoming tourists. [On the official website]( you can find out what kind of excursions are held here.

Башня на горе Ахун / Tower on The Akhun Mountain


In the Middle Ages, there were a large number of Christian temples on Akhun, which, unfortunately, have not survived. On the other hand, there is the observation tower, which appeared here during the reign of Stalin in 1935 on his personal order. The observation deck offers a magical view of the mountains and the coast.

Park Inn by Radisson Rosa Khutor

5642 Height

Have lunch at one of the best restaurants in town. Restaurant "5642 Heights" has a wide range of dishes to suit every taste, and for those who do not know what to order, there are often special offers. It's a great place to relax and go to the next attraction. **Pay your bill at restaurants of Novikov Group with exclusive discount of 10%. Warn the waiter that you are the holder of the World Elite Mastercard® before receiving the invoice and pay with the World Elite Mastercard®.** **[Full promotion rules](]**

Ikona Bozhiyey Materi Akhtyrskaya

One of the most important attractions of Sochi, about which few people know, is Akhshtyrsky temple. The approximate period of construction of the temple - XI-XIII centuries, at this time on the Black Sea coast ruled Byzantium. After the fall of Byzantium the temple was abandoned. The second life was breathed into it at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. The temple of St. Sophia blossomed again, but it did not last long: with the arrival of the Bolsheviks to power, it fell into decay again.

Ахштырская Пещера


The cave is interesting for its rich historical heritage. It was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, but serious research began only in 1937. In 1978, the cave received the status of "unique monument of primitive architecture". Scientists have come to the conclusion that there were ancient people's camps here, as rock paintings have been preserved and during excavations there were found household items and weapons of labor of different epochs. On the territory of the cave there is an excursion route with the length of 150-160 meters.



For dinner, go to the Triconi gastropub. Here, with a glass of wine and beautiful mountain views, you can remember all the most interesting moments of the day. By the way, the menu here is quite diverse, especially worth a taste of meat dishes.

Rosa Square (Площадь Роза)


After dinner, you can walk around the main square of Rosa Khutor Resort, take pictures and admire the surrounding scenery.

Park Inn by Radisson Rosa Khutor

The day was interesting, but it's coming to an end. It's time to check in and relax before the adventures of tomorrow.