In the secrets of Siberian history from Novosibirsk. – Day 1: In the trails of the writer

Today we are going to move from Novosibirsk to Kemerovo via Umrevinsk stockaded town, Siberian Kizhi and, of course, Tom and Tomskaya writer.
In the secrets of Siberian history from Novosibirsk.
Travel distance by car: 349 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kemerovo, Pisanaya, Polomoshnoye, Sadovyy, Turnayevo, Umreva, Novosibirsk

Trip duration: 2 days

Pavel Ivshin


Gazpromneft filling station #8

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Umrevinsky ostrog

Ostrog, built by Russian Cossacks over 300 years ago. Of course, there were no buildings of those times left, but the place still remains special and very interesting from the historical point of view. It is considered a cultural monument of federal importance.

Hotel Na Sovetskom

Turnaevo. Siberian Kizhi

The main object of wooden architecture in Siberia. There are practically no such monuments survived to our days, so this temple is of great importance. The name "Siberian Kizhi" is attached to it among the people and it is not groundless.


We're having lunch in the city of Jurg. The menu includes snacks, salads, hot dishes, soups, pizza, khachapuri, desserts, Japanese cuisine. Half of today's route is behind us. There's a crossing with Tom and her writer ahead.

Томская Писаница


The Historical, Cultural and Natural Museum-Reserve was established in February 1988 on the basis of one, the southernmost group of rocks covered with rock paintings. In addition to the Tomsk scribe, seven other locations of rock paintings were found here. Tomsk Scribe is on the list of Seven Wonders of Kuzbass. It is a worthy and very beautiful place. Weekend: Monday, Tuesday.

Музей-заповедник «Красная Горка»

History Museums

The Kemerovo region is famous worldwide for its coal Kuznetsky pool. Kuzbass. Of course, such a large-scale, region-forming enterprise could not remain without a museum. Red Hill - a museum of local coal mining in the open air and in a building with samples of equipment and sculpture.

Port 42


For dinner we will go to a beautiful restaurant located on the bank of the Tom River. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, there are cold and hot appetizers and side dishes, meat and fish, pasta, dumplings, burgers and desserts. Discussing what we've seen. We summarize the day.

Городская набережная

Pedestrian Plazas

In the evening of the day, after dinner, we go to the quay. You can see Kemerovo Island from the quay. We're going for a walk and a sleepover.

Hotel Na Sovetskom

The first day is coming to an end. Tomorrow we will have some more interesting locations. Good night. Breakfast next day will be at the hotel.