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Homesteads, merchants and artisans

Road Trip Route. Etnomir, Zolotaryov Estate in Kaluga, Manor "Yasnaya Polyana" in Tula., Temple architecture of Serpukhov.

Markets and craftsmanship are an integral part of our culture. Shall we get to know them? I suggest you take a short trip where you can get acquainted with stunning merchant's estates and, for comparison, immerse yourself in the ethnic atmosphere of other nations. So, are you ready?

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Maria Mamedli. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Antomir and ancient Kaluga

The first day will begin with a dive into the life of the peoples of the world and will immediately compare it with the life of our ancestors in the city of Kolomna.


After leaving Moscow we will go to the largest ethnographic park-museum of Russia. In it you will see a colorful interactive model of the real world. During the walk you will be able to get acquainted closer with traditions, customs, houses, costumes, utensils, handicrafts of the peoples of the world, as well as buy souvenirs. It is also worth a snack at the cafe of the complex in front of the road.

Калужский областной краеведческий музей

Then we go to a small town near Moscow, Kaluga. There we will visit the estate of Zolotarev, where important persons of our history stayed, including Emperor Alexander I, Nicholas I, Grand Duke, future Emperor Alexander II. The manor is located in the historical district of the city and has preserved all authenticity of the epoch till nowadays. Please pay attention to the working hours of the estate: from Tuesday to Sunday you can visit it till 17-00, Monday's a day off, Last Friday of the month is a health day.

Палаты Коробовых

After the estate we will go to the main sights of the city. The city itself is small, so it won't take much time. The first thing you should pay attention to is the Korobovs' Chambers. This is the first stone structure of the city. This is where Marina Mnishek and False Dmitry II, who dreamed of making Kaluga the capital of Russia, lived in times of turmoil. Monday's the day off, The last Wednesday of the month is a health day.

Дворянское Собрание

We'll move on to the bright spot - the building of the Noble Assembly. It is famous for taking the oath of allegiance to the Tsar Imam of Chechnya and Dagestan Shamil, who lived in exile in Kaluga.

Гостиные ряды

Then let's look at the main symbol of merchant Kaluga - Living Rooms. Here you can take very atmospheric photos, and on weekends - get to the fair of local craftsmen.

Присутственные Места

Another important structure of the city is its presence. Here the governor-general of Krechetnikov decided the fate of the province. It is worth paying attention to the construction and taking some photos.

Каменный мост

Let's conclude our acquaintance with the city by the stone bridge. It was built back in the times of Catherine II and is considered the oldest in Russia.

La Grillade

After a fascinating walk, I suggest dining at the Grillade restaurant. Good service and quality dishes will wonderfully complement a busy day!

Day 2: Tula - Yasnaya Polyana, Serpukhov.

On the second day I suggest to get acquainted with one of the most famous estates of Moscow region - Yasnaya Polyana in Tula. Take a short walk through the most interesting places and finish your trip in a small town Serpukhov, getting acquainted with its history.

Gazpromneft filling station #76

It's a great trip, isn't it? And for it to be dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Музей-усадьба Л. Н. Толстого «Ясная Поляна»

We leave the hotel early to continue our acquaintance with merchant Russia in the museum estate Yasnaya Polyana. The estate itself consists of several buildings, but the center of attention is certainly the house of Leo Tolstoy, the writer lived here for almost 50 years. The very nature and landscape of the place create a certain romantic mood, this place can be visited at any time of year. It is also worth visiting the writer's grave and visiting the houses of Volkonskie and Kuzminskie wing. If necessary, you can have a snack in a cafe near the estate before your visit.


I recommend lunch at the Berendey Restaurant. It serves excellent dishes of Russian cuisine. The restaurant also has its own territory with children's corners.

Тульский кремль

After a busy lunch, we melt into the city of Tula. Here we will walk around the historical center, capturing the most important sights: Tula Kremlin and temples of XVII-XIX centuries. There are also about 10 different museums there: Museum of Arms, Museum of Samovars, Museum of Demidovs and others. We will finish our acquaintance with the history of Tula by visiting the Kremlin trading rows, where you can buy Tula souvenirs and sweets. All objects are very close to each other, so the walk will take only a short time.

Высоцкий мужской монастырь

We go to the final point of our route - the city of Serpukhov. In the center of the city you can glimpse by car, but the stop is worth making at Vysotsky Monastery. Very well-groomed territory and beautiful architecture will wonderfully complement the image of merchants and crafts of the Middle Ages.


After a busy day, it's worth a peek at Matron's teahouse. Vareniki with potatoes, pancakes with apples and fragrant tea will wonderfully complement the end of our journey. After dinner we'll go to Moscow.