History and Secrets of Forest Lands in the Leningrad Region – Day 1: Leaving for the woods in the middle of nowhere.

Today you're going to go to the woods and get a little lost. The first stop on the way is the church in the name of the Protection of the Holy Virgin. You will also have to get acquainted with the famous Museum of Forestry, which actively shapes the ecological thinking of its followers and visitors. Be sure to drive to Maryino Estate, where you can not only plunge into history, but also spend time very actively.
History and Secrets of Forest Lands in the Leningrad Region
Travel distance by car: 202 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Bol'shiye Kolpany, Metallostroy, Andrianovo, Vyritsa, Tosno, Lisino-Korpus, Saint Petersburg

Trip duration: 2 days


Saint Petersburg

Церковь во имя Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы


The wooden church, reminiscent of the architectural ensemble in Kizhi, is a reconstructed copy of the 22-headed wooden church of the same name, which was located in Vytegorsky pogost in the Vologda region until 1963. The miracle of wooden architecture is located on the territory of the Theological Park, very close to St. Petersburg. The concept of the park is unique: the creators have placed in one place the restored masterpieces of wooden architecture of the North of Russia. Here you can see museum exhibits, visit the existing temple, and of course, find harmony and peace.


Музей истории лесоводства

History Museums

Now the exposition material is deployed in 7 halls of the training museum-room. The review of the material in the museum allows to trace the origins of the organization of arrangement of the first Russian educational forestry in Lisino. This is the oldest forest school in Russia. The history of its origin and development is presented in the materials of the museum exposition. Excursions to Lisino play a significant role in shaping environmental thinking, so a visit here will be very useful for children. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday.


Pizza Places

This cozy family restaurant abounds not only with a large selection of pizza, but also with a decent selection of pasta, salads and drinks. For the youngest visitors there is a spacious and bright game room.

Усадьба Марьино

Historic Sites

Immerse yourself in history and get acquainted with the way of life of the representatives of the noble families Stroganov and Golitsyn and their entourage. The estate is not only a restored architectural ensemble, but also a picturesque park. After a tour of the palace and a leisurely walk in the park, you can ride horses - on horseback, in a sleigh or in carriages. In warm seasons visitors can go boat trips, and in winter - real snowmobile racing! The services can be pre-booked at the contact numbers indicated on the official [site](https://usadbamaryino.ru/).

Церковь Происхождения Честных Древ Животворящего Креста Господня


The temple is made in Russian-Byzantine style with elements of Tuscan architecture. This mixture of architectural styles looks quite atypical, but therefore even more interesting. The church was built according to the project of Nicholas L. Benois for the pupils of the Jaeger school in 1862.

Cafe Oredezh


It's time for dinner, where you can remember the brightest moments, revise photos and share impressions. The cafe is located on the picturesque bank of the Oredezh River. The menu is not very big, but there are enough dishes for a tasty and hearty dinner. Pizza and sushi are perfectly prepared here.


The coming night will be full of pleasant dreams, because the night before we visited truly beautiful and memorable places.