History and German settlements of Western Siberia – Day 1: Acquaintance with German settlements

Today you will visit several interesting settlements in the Omsk region, as well as a unique salt lake.
History and German settlements of Western Siberia
Travel distance by car: 250 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Isil'kul', Poltavka, Sherbakul', Aleksandrovka, Omsk, Azovo

Trip duration: 2 days

Anna Arkhipova


When taking the route, don't forget to dress warmly and bring food and hot tea just in case.

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Alexandrovka is the oldest German settlement in the region. It is here that real Bavarian beer is brewed and delightful sausages are prepared according to recipes of the XIV century.

Perekrestok Mini-Hotel

Azov Museum of Local History

The museum will tell you about the history and ethnography of the Siberian Germans, about the life of the village, as well as will please the art gallery, which presents the works of local original artist, public figure AK Wormsbecher, telling about the history and culture of the Russian Germans, the Siberian nature.

Sherbakulsky Museum of Regional History

Sherbakul settlement was founded in 1983 under the name Borisovka. The first church was erected here four years after the establishment of the settlement, which was built with the funds of the Alexander III Foundation. Sherbakul is also the birthplace of a famous TV presenter, writer and producer Leonid Yakubovich. In the museum you will see antique household items: clothes, furniture, kitchen utensils, appliances, also antique books, postcards, a collection of paintings, coins and much more! For more information, you can refer to [this website](https://shemuzey.jimdofree.com). Weekends: Saturday and Sunday. Break from 12:30 to 14:00. Every last Friday of the month is a sanitary day.

Poltava Museum of Local History

The museum will tell you about the history and life of a small working village, learn about the nature of the area, and see many old things.

Cafe "Eden"

For lunch, you can go to this little café. It will delight you with inexpensive and delicious dishes: salads, first and second courses, drinks!

Western Gate of Siberia

A monument that reminds residents and tourists of the fact that the settlement was founded by the West Siberian railway.

Café Eurohata

In this little cafe you can have a delicious dinner. Local people praise shish kebabs and salads, and recommend taking snacks. Then you can go on holiday to the hotel.

Perekrestok Mini-Hotel

The first day of the journey has come to an end. You can have breakfast in the morning at the hotel.