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Golden Bay of Gelendzhik

Road Trip Route. Lermontovsky quay, Golden Bay Water Park, Olympus Cable Car, Dante gorge.

Located in the bay the town of Gelendzhik is known since ancient times. It is called the pearl of the Black Sea. I suggest you get acquainted with this unique and picturesque place, visit one of the popular water parks "Golden Bay", as well as visit the top of the Markotkh Ridge and see the city from the Ferris wheel, located at the highest point.

Families with Kids, Active Leisure. From: Krasnodar

Valeria Azuevskaya. Travel Expert.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Hello, Gelendzhik!

Rest in the water park among the relict pines, an evening walk along the sea and a sense of carefree joy - this is what awaits us today.


We'll have breakfast at Harchevnya. It's delicious, nourishing, cheap, and you can sit on a cozy veranda.

Zolotaya Bukhta

I suggest visiting the largest and most famous water park on the Black Sea coast. The well-groomed area with centuries-old pine trees has everything you need for family recreation: cafes, children's bathing area, relaxation area with massage and, of course, extreme slides! You can have a tasty and budget lunch in the large dining room under the awning.


Evening can be brightened up by a walk along the famous Lermontovskaya embankment. I also suggest you take a boat ride and see the panorama of the evening city from the sea.

Вин и Грет

After the evening moonlight, a snack would be nice. We'll do it at the local pizzeria.

Day 2: Shall we climb the mountains?

Today we have to climb the observation deck by cable car. On the way back we will make a stop near the dolmen and walk along the mountain gorge.

Обзорная площадка парка Олимп

You can climb the observation deck by cable car while admiring the mountain views. There is a mini park with attractions close to the observation deck. Be sure to take a ride on the Ferris wheel! The view of the bay from there is impossible to describe... It's very beautiful.

Ягода Малина

For lunch I suggest stopping by the restaurant "Malina Berry". It is located in a small complex, where everything is done with the soul. In addition to the amazing surrounding nature, there is a very tasty budget menu, which will be affordable for every visitor.

Дольмен Здоровья

Dolmen's Health stops everything. I suggest not to break the tradition and take a couple of photos next to him :)

Дантово Ущелье

The nature monument that we're on our way. I suggest we stop for a little walk.

Restoran Kremleff

You can finish a beautiful day by having dinner at the Kremleff Restaurant, which is located at the entrance to Krasnodar. There are both specialties and a menu for children. And, most importantly, at adequate prices :).