Gastronomic tour from Krasnodar. Not one wine is united! – Day 1: The truth is in the wine.

The first day is entirely devoted to wine and its production. The leading and oldest wineries on the route. For gourmets with cherry on the cake at the end of the day - snail farm.
Gastronomic tour from Krasnodar. Not one wine is united!
Travel distance by car: 210 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Novorossiysk, Abrau-Dyurso, Makartet, Opoka, Krasnodar, Myskhako, Nizhnebakanskiy

Trip duration: 2 days

Pavel Ivshin


Gazpromneft filling station #4

So, guys, let's go, shall we? Just to avoid surprises on the way, refuel with quality fuel to the full, pump up the tires, fill the washbasin and get coffee with healthy snacks! Cool emotions from the trip!

Sober Bash Winery.

30 hectares of vineyards for the benefit and pleasure of the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. The closest and most accessible vineyard for Krasnodar residents. For tasting, the winery has a beautiful terrace overlooking the vineyards. You can find information about the available places on the tour [here](

Cafe-bar brewery "Dianov"

Dianov Brewery is one of the first private breweries in the Krasnodar region. At the moment there are only two official bars: here and in Novorossiysk. The menu includes many delicious varieties of Kraft beer, European cuisine and dishes from the chef.

Отель Панорама

Gunko Winery

Another winery on our route. A large collection of wines. The company is the ambassador of many Spanish, Italian and French wines. To make an appointment for tasting or to place an order for wine production, please contact [the company]( in advance.



The heart and capital of the wine industry of the region on the shore of a picturesque lake. Lake Abrau is the largest fresh water lake in the Krasnodar Region. According to various estimates, its maximum depth ranges from 10 to 15 m. The lake is the largest fresh water lake in the Krasnodar Region.

Abrau-Durso Champagne Wine Factory

In 2020, the plant, established by decree of Alexander II, celebrated its 150th anniversary. This is where the Russian champagne school was born. The factory holds many activities for its visitors, such as tasting or gastronomic master classes. The plant owns some local hotels, spa salons, sailing club - in short, you will not get bored. For a complete list of activities and to sign up for them, please [here](

Храм святой блаженной Ксении Петербургской


A small architectural landmark by the lake. The temple is operational. It was built relatively recently.

Restaurant "House of Grapes"

The restaurant is located on a hillside with a wonderful view of the vineyards. The restaurant has both an open and a closed room. Of course, the main emphasis is on the wine menu.

Snail farm in Chateau Pinot

An innovation in the field of gastrotourism, but already quite common around the world. There are many snail dishes on the menu. However, you should not think that you should come here on an empty stomach. It is much better to experience only a slight feeling of hunger to enjoy unusual delicacies. It is better to book a table in advance, it can be done [here.](

Отель Панорама

The first day has come to an end. I hope you still have your strength for the next day, and most importantly, a place in your stomach. Have a good night.