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Gastronomic tour around Kamensk-Uralsk

Road Trip Route. Try the Shadrin cakes, Try the sturgeon at the fish farm., Walk through pre-revolutionary quarters of Shadrinsk..

Learn how cheese is made and how fish are grown. We will visit the Shadrinsky confectionery, where delicious gingerbread is sold, visit the farm with its own cheese dairy and take a tour of the sturgeon farm. We will also walk around one of the best parks of the region in Kargapolye, see merchant mansions in Shadrinsk, go to the Dalmatovsky monastery, founded in 1644, walk around the historical center of Kamensk-Uralsky and visit several other interesting places.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Shadrinskie cakes

We will visit Cargapolia, one of the best parks in the region. Then we will go for a walk around Shadrinsk, which is famous for its pre-revolutionary merchant mansions, and taste the Shadrin gingerbread. Then we will make a stop in the center of Kataysk at the Church of Sorrows and AC "Luchesar". From here we will go to Kamensk-Uralsky, where we will see one of the oldest squares in the city. And finally, we will visit the village of Maminskoye, where the writer Mamin-Sibiryak was born.


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The journey begins! For a smooth trip, we recommend stopping at a gas station - fill a full tank of quality fuel, pump up the tires, buy aromatic coffee and snacks on the road.

Pokrovskaya Church

We begin our journey with the village of Cagapolier. Here is the Pokrovskaya Church. It was founded in 1821. In the Soviet years, the church was not in operation. And it reopened in the 2000s.

Landscape Park in Cargapolia

This is one of the best parks in the Kurgan region. It has a great variety of trees and bushes, there is a small pond with an arch above it and a pine memory alley along which there are pedestals with the names of the heroes of WWII.

Shadrinsk center

Confectionery "Sweet Fairy Tale"

The pastry shop is located in a kiosk on Komsomolskaya Street. Here you can try the branded Shadrin gingerbread.

Church of Sorrows in Kataisk

Built between 2007 and 2010. On the square near the church there is a rowan alley, an alley of fame and the Palace of Culture "Luchesar". The palace building has a complicated history. Before the revolution it was the Epiphany Church, but the Bolsheviks rebuilt it first as a cinema, and then as a palace of culture.

Соборная площадь

Kamensk-Uralsky was founded here. Not far from the square was located Kamensk-Uralsky plant, from which the city went. The square overlooks the cathedral, drama theater and local history museum. Go to the pedestrian bridge from the square across the Kamenka River. It overlooks the dam of Kamenka pond.

Maminskoye village

The village has a lot of old brick houses. Unfortunately, many of them are in desolate condition. There is a temple of Archangel Michael in the center of the village. It was laid to commemorate the victory of 1812. Next to the temple on the Gabiyevka River there is a small pond. It is unusual because its plum is made on the rock. This decision was made after the dam of the pond washed off twice. On the outskirts of the village on the right bank of the Iset there are ruins of a power station and a dam.

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Zishi Sushi Bar.

We'll have dinner tonight at a Japanese restaurant. There's a good choice of rolls at reasonable prices.

Day 2: Cheese dairy at Nikolskaya Sloboda and sturgeon farm

We will visit the farm "Nikolskaya Sloboda", where we will see how the cheese is made. Then we'll go on a tour around the sturgeon farm, and on the way back we'll visit the Dalmatovskiy Uspensky monastery, which has three centuries of history.

Cafe "Trio"

Breakfast in Sysertti at the Trio Café. Here they sell fresh pastries in the morning.

Farm "Nikolskaya Sloboda"

The farm "Nikolskaya Sloboda" produces cheese, milk, cottage cheese, sour-milk products, bakes bread and baked goods. At a tour of the farm you will get acquainted with the production of cheese, visit the bakery, see the animals living on the farm, can ride a cart or sleigh and get to cheese tasting. The tour program includes lunch. You should make an appointment for the excursion by phone +7 (902) 87-33-888. Details on [site](

Live sturgeon

The farm "Live Sturgeon" is located in the outskirts of Yekaterinburg in the village of Kosulino. The excursion lasts about half an hour, we will spend the same amount of time tasting sturgeon dishes. The tours are mainly on weekends for groups of 10 people or more, so we will most likely need to join an already prepared group. You can find out about current prices and sign up for the tour at [farm site](

Dalmatovskiy Uspensky monastery

From here we go to Dalmatovo. The city dates back to 1644, when the Assumption Monastery was founded. That's what we're going to visit. On the territory of the monastery there are the Church of St. John the Theologian, the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow". A powerful brick wall with towers was built around the monastery. Unfortunately, it is in poor condition and is gradually being destroyed.

The Roadhouse Café.

Have a snack after a long journey. The cafe "House by the Road" is generously fed and serves large portions.

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Our journey is over. I hope you enjoyed the places we visited.