Gastronomic pleasure: the most delicious places in Sochi – Day 3: Dessert

Today you can visit a very unusual museum-cafe of Stanislav Doroshenko. Here you can taste fresh jam, there is even a special offer for guests - tasting set, which includes 3 flapjacks, tea and 5 kinds of jam. Also feed the animals at Exarcho farm and don't forget to take delicious natural cheese with you.
Gastronomic pleasure: the most delicious places in Sochi
Travel distance by car: 106 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Loo, Vysokoye, Sochi, Kuchukdere, Dagomys, Vardane, Gornoye Loo

Trip duration: 3 days


Пляж «Аквалоо»


In the morning, go to the beach to get some sea air. You can have a little breakfast on the beach if you take some food with you.

House of Varenya

When you come here, you fall out of reality. Everything is made so beautiful and tasteful that it seems unreal. The facility is located in a historic building, close to the coast. The owner is Stanislav Doroshenko, a Sakhalin resident. An unusual museum-cafe opened its doors in 2019. In the "House of Varenya" first you will get to the production, where you will be shown how to make the most delicious jam of the Krasnodar region. Afterwards you will visit the shop where you can buy the freshest products. And in front of it you will find a favorite tasting room. Be sure to try the tasting set, which includes 3 flapjacks, tea and 5 kinds of jam.

Развалины византийского храма в Лоо

Historic Sites

On your way to the next attraction, be sure to visit this place. There used to be a medieval temple here. Nobody still knows its exact age. Some consider it to be from the X-XII centuries, others believe it was built by the Druids in the VI century.

Muzey Istorii Krasnodarskogo Kraya Chaya I Avto-Moto Stariny

It's an interesting museum that absorbed the most important things. There are three exhibitions at once: a tea museum, an exhibition of retro cars and a samovar museum.

Ресторан Лагуна


Lunch in a very atmospheric place overlooking the sea. A large selection of dishes and pleasant waiters. The visitors of the institution have not only positive taste, but also aesthetic impressions from the magnificent sea panorama.

Ферма Экзархо

Stables, Farms

On the farm you can buy natural dairy products, fresh pastries, honey and farm convenience foods. Tourists are offered a variety of entertainment: feeding the animals, horseback riding, photo shoot with and without animals or a walk on the farm with a guide who will take you to the most important places of the farm. More information about the farm can be found at [official website](


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