Gastronomic pleasure: the most delicious places in Sochi – Day 1: Time for a cup of tea with jam

Visit the most tea places in Sochi. Start the day by visiting the complex, where you will be told everything about the culture of tea, then visit a tea plantation and learn all about the life of a man who first planted tea in Russia. You will find many delicious tastings and learning facts.
Gastronomic pleasure: the most delicious places in Sochi
Travel distance by car: 108 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Loo, Sochi, Otradnoye, Lazarevskoye, Solokhaul, Kuchukdere, Khosta

Trip duration: 3 days



Чайные домики

Tea Rooms

Perfect place to get to know the tea culture and enjoy tea grown on the local plantation. By the way, this is where the first tea plantation in Russia appeared. After a short excursion you will have a traditional tea party with pies, jam and fruit. Interestingly, this complex was built without a single nail. Tea houses opened their doors to visitors in 1979 and for 30 years now they have been introducing guests to the tea culture.

Дагомысские корыта

Rivers, Other Great Outdoors, Waterfalls

The attraction is located on the territory of the Sochi National Park and is a natural pool on the West Dagomys River. Dagomyskie troughs also have a second less popular name - "Lakes of Love". Couples in love come here for a swim, because according to legend, if you swim here with a loved one, relations will be strong and common dreams will come true. But many people come here just to take a walk, have a picnic or have a good time in a local café.

Усадьба И. А. Кошмана

Tea Rooms

Solokh-Aul is the birthplace of Russian tea, it was in this place in 1901 that Koshman first planted tea. This is where the cultivation of tea started in Russia. Now this place is considered a reserve, and the house where this great man lived was turned into a museum. After a tour of the house, you will be invited to a tea party with fragrant Solohaul tea and fragrant mountain honey.

Aura Hotel

Монастырь "Крестовая Пустынь"


The project of the monastery complex was designed by Sochi architect Boris Babakov. The complex itself was conceived in the likeness of the Athos. Not far from the monastery is the holy spring of healer Panteleimon, where anyone can swim and gather water.

Solohaul Park

Evening can be spent in the amusement park, which is perfectly located among the wildlife. In the park you can just walk and admire the mountains, swim in the river Shah or have a picnic. You can also do something more interesting here. In the park you can fly in a balloon, on a blimp, ride a real APC or visit the rope park. Find out more and book the activities you are interested in at the [official website]( of the park.

Ресторан "Скурия на краю земли"

Food Courts

The restaurant is located in a very picturesque place with beautiful views of the mountains and river Shahe. Pretty varied menu, worth a taste of the Alpine salad.

Aura Hotel

Stay overnight at a hotel on the Black Sea coast. Tomorrow will be no less tasty and interesting day!