Following "The Queen of Spades" – Day 1: Places of A.S. Pushkin's childhood

Today we will visit the noble homesteads in Bolshiye Vyazemy and Zakharovo, where he spent his childhood years. After lunch we will go to the newly opened New Jerusalem Monastery.
 Following "The Queen of Spades"
Travel distance by car: 178 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Istra, Moscow, Pokrovskoye-Zasekino, Zakharovo, Zvenigorod, Bol'shiye Vyazemy, Zyuzino

Trip duration: 1 day

Valeria Azuevskaya


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Государственный историко-литературный музей-заповедник А.С. Пушкина

History Museums

We'll start our journey by visiting the museum-reserve in the Big Vyazemy. This estate used to belong to Princes Golitsyn. Natalia Petrovna Golitsyna served as the prototype of an old princess to A.S. Pushkin in the novel "The Queen of Spades". An interesting fact: a princess who was fond of playing cards once lost all her fortune, but immediately played it back, knowing the secret of "three cards". There are now excursions around the area and a boat can be rented from the pond.

Усадьба «Захарово»


Born in Moscow, Alexander Pushkin spent every summer at his grandmother M.A. Hannibal. I suggest visiting places associated with the childhood of his beloved writer. You can visit the preserved house and the park. For children there is an interesting interactive, play the same games that played little Pushkin.

Здесь был Чехов


For lunch, I recommend staying at the atmospheric cafe "Here was Chekhov". Here you can taste dishes of French, Russian and European cuisine.

Новоиерусалимский монастырь


Let's visit another place, which was visited by A.S. Pushkin. The renovated monastery looks fascinating today.

МВК «Новый Иерусалим»


I also recommend to visit the exhibition complex "New Jerusalem". Very informative exhibitions are often held here. And the permanent exhibition presents the most interesting exhibits of church and secular Russian art.



You can finish the day by having dinner at a gourmet bar in Pokrovsky. American, Turkish, Greek cuisine will quench hunger even among sophisticated visitors. Good and fast service, pleasant prices.