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Family trip along the Black Sea coast

Road Trip Route. To visit the observation deck "Quiet Don"., Visit dolmens that have magical and healing properties, Have fun at the Malibu amusement park., Walk in Tuapse city park.

Families with Kids. From: Sochi

Ann Mikhaylova. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Family holidays on the Black Sea coast

Today promises to be a busy day: we will visit the observation deck "Quiet Don", which offers a spectacular view of the sea, visit dolmens, which are over 5 thousand years old, have fun in the amusement park "Malibu" and walk in the Tuapse city park.


Смотровая площадка "Тихий Дон"

On the way to the first point of our route we will stop at the observation deck "Quiet Don", which offers an incredible view of the sea. You can enjoy the panoramic view and take many beautiful pictures here. The platform is also equipped with a special telescope, where you can see all the nearest coast.


Our next stop is the Gelendzhik Dolmens, which are small structures of stone blocks that have existed for over 5 millennia. To date, there are many speculations about their origin: places of burial, tables for sacrifice or shelter. However, many are deeply convinced of the magical properties of these stone structures, which is why thousands of tourists come here. There are many stories about how people were healed, found their love or fulfilled their wildest dreams after a trip to the dolmens. Whatever it is, this place is definitely worth your attention and successful photos are guaranteed.

Парк Малибу

Malibu Park is a place where the whole family can have fun. There are attractions for both children and adults: a swing, a Ferris wheel, a 5D cinema, water fun and a few small cozy cafes where you can have a good lunch. In the park you will meet a lot of animators, dressed as cartoon characters, with which you can be photographed for a nominal fee. You can also buy a special season ticket that will allow you to visit all the attractions in one day, which will make your stay in the park even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Городской Парк

On the way back you can take a walk in the Tuapse city park. It is a favorite place for walks for locals and tourists alike. Although the park itself is small, there is a lot of greenery, motley flower beds, comfortable benches, beautiful sea views and the fresh scent of the sea breeze that brings the wind from the coast. There is also a singing fountain on the territory of the park, which pleases the guests with classical music and in the dark time also with shimmering lights, several modern playgrounds for children and shops with drinks and ice cream.

Кавказкая Кухня

We will finish today with a dinner at the restaurant "Caucasian cuisine". Here you can enjoy the cuisine of Caucasian nationalities: meat shashlik, khinkali with a large variety of fillings, tobacco chicken, khachapuri and much more. Facility's atmosphere, delicious dishes and good service will allow you to relax and get real pleasure from this evening.